1. Hey everyone! Would just like to seek your opinion on this matter..

    Every year I'm given 1 free air-ticket, subject to flight capacity, to any part of the world as one of my work privileges. (I used mine last year to go to Europe). Another privilege I get is aircrew rates @ 4/5 star hotels around the world as well!

    Now I've narrowed my choices between 2 countries in the middle of the year, either Europe or the US. I have arguments for both.

    Pro-Europe: All the brands I love & want to buy are European, plus I can claim back the 12% VAT. On top of this, if I go to Paris Printemp Haussman I get an extra 10% discount since I'm a foreigner.

    Pro-US: US has all the brands I love & the USD is so low now! A major booboo against going to the US is that I don't get to claim tax back.

    I would've thought that going to Europe, specifically Paris, would make more sense but the thing is that I've been to Paris, Milan & Florence, and was hoping to make use of my ticket to go to places I've not been to, PLUS it would make sense to use my free ticket to go to the US instead of Europe.

    So what should I do? I know it's a bit of advanced planning on my part since we're talking about 5 months from now but it means holding back on purchasing till I know where I'm going!
  2. First of all, I would choose the trip according to the season: In the middle of the year (summer) southern Europe can be extremely hot, so forget about Spain, Italy, Greece. And then I would visit those places that I would not be willing to pay the full price if I would not get these discounts. For me, this are the Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway, travelling there is more expensive compared to other European countries.
    And I am sure, Stockholm and Helsinki have their share of LV boutiques, too...
    Regina :tup:
  3. Are there any places you've always wanted to see like the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls or, in Europe, Provence and the south of France?

    If so, maybe you could set one of these places as your starting point and then travel to a big city too -- for the shopping.
  4. Pick the destination that is furthest away from you! Sounds to me like you will shop no matter where you go;) and there will be something for you wherever you land, so pick a place that really interests you. Those discounts at Printemps and Galleries Lafayette have been going on forever, so you can always go back next year!

    But if yu stick with your first choice, I would pick an area of the US, like California, Florida, New York and arrange some local sightseeing. It's a big place and you won't be able to do it all!:lol:

    Why don't you check out some locations on the web or at a bookstore and follow your whim...then you will surely have fun wherever you go!:wlae:
  5. Come to California and clean my house for me. I'll provide all the food, drink and a 1 star back bedroom now used for storage.

  6. I just had a brilliant idea! Hawaii!!!!:beach:
  7. i think going somewhere outside the us is more worth it. theres nothing too special about all the different states. i say, go europe! if not i guess the typical states like ny, california. if you go to vegas there is no tax!
  8. Two words: Las Vegas...

    Great clubs, great shopping, lots of fun. LAS VEGAS. :smile:
  9. Speedy> Hhaha! I won't mind coming to Cali & bunking at your place but you might not be too pleased with my house cleaning skills :p

    Soxfan777 & tomato4> Serious?! There's no tax in LV!? That'll be a great idea.. maybe I could play some Texas Hold Em & win some money for more shopping! :graucho:

    Leelee> Hawaii sounds good too! Unfortunately the co. I work for doesn't fly directly there.. are domestic flights ex-San Fran/LV/LA expensive?

    Acc.Obs.> Good idea! I've been to NY so I'm not sure if I want to go there again since there may not be enough time for everything..

    Regina> Thanks for the tips! I know flying to Europe is cheaper by about SGD800 when compared to flying to the US so maybe I should just use my ticket to go to the US?