WWYD re: this zero feedback bidder?

  1. On the 12th, a zero feedback bidder won a pair of shoes from me. I sent an invoice as usual, then contacted her on the 17th to ask her to let me know what was going on or I would file NPB on the 20th to recover my fees. She wrote on the 19th that she's sorry for being out of touch (her daughter just got married) and "thinks" she sent a check, but needed to double check and would get back to me that night.

    Well, I didn't hear from her, so on the 20th, I wrote and said that my accepted payment types are Paypal and money order/cashiers check. (It's not explicitly written in my listing, but at the bottom where eBay displays payment types, these are the only two options I selected). I wrote if her check arrived, I would void it and send it back to her and offered her the option of paying with one of the accepted payment types or we could mutually agree to cancel the transaction (I would still file NPB to get my fees back, but would remove the strike from her account after that). This morning, she wrote and said she doesn't have Paypal, but do I take credit cards. (I'm not a store, so no, not unless it comes from Paypal.)

    She's now got three positive feedback indicating fast payment and I'm not sure what to do here. I only have 30 feedback so a negative from her would definitely hurt (esp. b/c I have more high end items to sell), but I also think the options I've offered are more than fair.

    Any advice would be appreciated - should I go ahead with NPB or keep trying to work with her or do something else? Thanks in advance!

    (Sorry for the novel; I really did try to keep this as brief as possible!)
  2. I would definatley put the NPB in now always cover yourself. if she does then leave you a negative it will be voided as she didnt pay. And if you do the npb and she doesnt pay you can leave her feedback but she cant leave you feedback!
  3. I believe if she doesn't respond to the NPB and she leaves you a neg, it will be voided. However, her comment will remain. This happened to me.
  4. yep you can file a NPB and if the buyer fails to respond any neg from them can be removed. however, if they respond at all then you won't be able to get the neg removed should they give you one
  5. Yep, file the NPB and see what happens. If she doesn't respond, and then leaves you a neg. the comment will stay but you will still have a 100%.

    If you are worried about a neg. offer to let her out of the transaction get your fees back from eBay and just don't leave feedback at all. Hopefully she won't do it to another seller.

    I always file a NPB on the eighth day. Ussually they pay right away or give me a date they will pay.
  6. I thought you could mutually agree to not complete the transaction and you would still get your fees back.
  7. nicewhatnots - you're absolutely right and that's what we ended up doing.

    I think she just made an honest eBay "newbie" mistake. I explained our options/the potential impact to her and she seemed appreciative. And though I'm disappointed, I'll just re-list them at some point when eBay's more active.