WWYD re: cracked leather

  1. I purchased the HAMPTONS SIGNATURE LARGE FLAP SATCHEL about a month ago. I was looking at the straps on it the other night and noticed that one was cracking. There is actually a crack in the leather. Now, like I said I have only owned the back for a month and the color combo I purchased has only been out for about a month or a little longer. I took the bag to the Coach store yesterday and the man was very nice and told me that he would replace it if I brought in the receipt...now of course, I can not locate my receipt anywhere....is there anything else I can do? If I take it to the COach boutique I purchased it at, can they look it up in the computer? He told me he could not, but it was not the same store I purchased it at. I emailed CS and they stated I would have to pay the $20 to have it repaired for shipping, I really do not think that is fair, as I have only had the bag a month...what do you all think? I know I do not post here a lot, but I lurk almost daily :smile: TIA!!!:smile:
  2. I've never had to show my original receipt for Coach repairs... Maybe try again w/ another SA??!!
    Good luck!
  3. I think after a certain amount of time cant they look up receipts, then they are purged due to the privacy act. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try at the store you bought it at.
  4. If you haven't had it that long, I would think they might waive the repair fee. If you can't find your receipt, you may take it in to a boutique and see if they'll send it in for repair and get rid of the $20 fee for you.
  5. Thanks ladies! I went to the boutique down the street at lunch again (the same one I went to yesterday) and he just exchanged it out for me...I think he felt bad! So thanks again!!!!!