WWYD??? I need some HELP bad!!! (long one.)


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
Hubby recently told me that he would take me to Chicago in the spring to pick out my very own Louis Vuitton bag!!! :yahoo: I wanted to own one by my 35th B-day but never thought I'd get abrand new one from the store!!! Here's the catch though, I'm kinda turned off of LV because of the recent fox tail charms (and YES I know most designers use fur of somekind!) This is fox tail SPECIFIC! LOL I am having a hard time deciding if I want to give them $1000+ bucks of my money?!

Then I'm thinking that hubby gave me a $1000 budget, and I'll have some of my own money so it's flexible. I'm starting to think that I could get a REALLY NICE Coach bag that I've wanted forever. (Lily, Lily XL or Lg patent black Sabrina.) Then, depending on what I spend on that I'd be able to get some accessories too!!! Maybe even a 2nd bag depending.

I'm SUPER TORN over this. I don't want to pass up the one and only chance I may have to own an LV, but don't want to buy one just to buy one. KWIM?!

I think we're going the weekend of good friday so it's coming up, and I'd like to have an idea of what I'm going to do!!!

I know this is the Coach sub-forum, but I also know alot of you cross into other realms. What would you do??? If the fox tail charm hadn't come out when it did, I guess I'd still be on the LV path...
I also don't have a shortage of Coach bags & accessories so it's not like I need to take this opportunity to get a nice Coach bag as I have many.

Give me some advice!!!

PS~The LV's I'm considering are:

-mon mono Speedy 35
-Damier Ebene Neverfull MM or GM
-Monogram Neverfull MM or GM


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Jan 3, 2010
Detroit MI
I would go with LV as well. Every designer uses fur in some form, so the fox tails dont turn me off. I wouldnt buy one however. I really like the colored LV's that are coming out in April. Since it is a Goal I think you may regret it if you dont get your LV


Jul 29, 2009
If you really feel it's your "one and only chance to own an LV" and already have "enough" Coach for now - I'd worry that I'd regret making a snap decision.

Can you just put the money aside for now and make a final decision later?

I wouldn't want the fox tail myself, but it wouldn't put me off the entire brand. I think if we research it enough, every brand does something we wouldn't particularly approve of, it's just unfortunate this tail came out right when you were making your decision.

Toto too

Nov 21, 2006
I don't think I'd let the foxtail charm get in the way if I wanted an LV that much. I guess I like the idea of having an LV, but every time I go in to look at them, I just can't do it. I don't love them, and for that kind of money, I should love it.


Oct 7, 2009
Personally, I don't think I could purchase anything that has real animal fur on it - regardless of the type of animal used. I'm not an activist by any means as I own plenty of leather goodies, but there's just something about the fur that's a little disturbing to me.

If I had $1,000 budget, I would most definitely splurge on Coach goodies! I would rather have the option of purchasing a few items versus one. It's only fair that I also mention that I'm not a fan of LV, so the decision would come easily for me.

Good luck with your choice!
Nov 26, 2007
Northern Virginia
If you believe this is your one and only time to get an LV, get the LV. With a $1000 budget you can get one of the bags on your list and then go to Coach and get a cute accessory or something. As for which one, that is a hard one. I have 2 of the three of the bags you are considering. I love the speedy, I have 4 of them, but the neverfull is very practical. Right now, I rarely carry my Speedy because its a handheld bag and I have a toddler, so a should bag is more convenient.

On a side note and this may be a silly question, but do they have LV in IA? I'm assuming IA based on your profile location. If not, I know you will probably want to take the bag home with you, but the sales tax is outrageous in downtown Chicago (10.25%). If you are coming from I280, maybe stop at the LV store in Oakbrook and buy it there. I think the tax rate is 8.3%. If you bought the bag in downtown, the tax alone would be over $73 for the mono 35 speedy! So, it might be better to pay for shipping and avoid the sales tax. Just a thought...
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Aug 26, 2009
Austin TX
I don't like LV so it's aneasy decision for me.
Butgowith your gut on this one. You don't want to dissapointed later! Good luck with ur decision. And, I totally agree with you about the fox tails. That just is really horrible!
Jan 2, 2008
I'd hit Coach, then make a trip to Tiffany's! Not a fan of LV at all.
I somewhat agree w/donnalynn's comment, I'd hit up Coach and Tiffany's, but the thing is I LOVE LV, so I'd be torn too... the thing is, I've always wanted an LV as well, so if I really had to make a call, I'd probably go w/the LV... especially since you've been wanting one for so long, why not, ya know? G/L deciding.