WWYD? Ebay seller selling fake cream

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  1. #1 Feb 4, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2010
    I bought a jar of breastfeeding cream from a seller on ebay and I got an obvious fake.

    1) the label was printed out with an ink jet printer
    2) the ingredients were not the same
    3) it had a similar but not identical logo
    4) it was not in a glass jar
    5) it did not resemble the photo she used in her listing.

    I sent the seller an email listing these details and requesting a refund. She processed the refund and sent me the following email:
    "Oh goodness! Thank you so much for letting me know.
    I wanted to let you know that I am not a user of
    MotherLove Herbal Company products, I purchased a case of 12 at a bath and body wholesale sale in Kansas City and took a picture of the first one I pulled from the box and sold. I did not even notice that the others may have been different. I am SO SORRY about this! I have refunded your full purchase price including shipping. Please accept my sincere apology-I will be inspecting the
    others I bought through the lady... thank
    you so much for the heads up... and the other
    items I purchased there have been taken off of my
    listings. As you can see through my excellent
    history that this is not usual for me. My customers are very important to me & your happiness with the product & the experience is my priority, for this reason, I humbly request that if there is any reason why you cannot leave me positive feedback let me know if there is anything further I can do- as this was not intentional and I am trying to build my business. Again, I am so sorry. : (

    So I go and look today, and she is still selling fake product. I would have thought that she would have taken them down, but here is a link:


    What would you do? Should I leave neg feedback, report it as fake to ebay (not sure that they will do anything about it), leave a neutral but say: Fake Motherlove cream - but she did refund me.???

    I'd love to get your oppinions on this. Who really needs to fake a $16 dollar item!
  2. Forgot to add: I still have the fake in my possession. She has not asked for it back. Should I ask her to send a postage paid return mailer. I don't want to lose $ returning this.
  3. if she did not ask for you to return it, then don't return it.

    Wait a couple of days, and if she does not ask for it back, throw it out.,

    If she DOES ask for it back, ask for a paid postage label since she sold you a fake.

    If I were you, since she did return my money, I would leave a neutral and state:

    "Product received fake, but seller refunded asap"

    good luck
  4. ^ I agree. With feedback, you want to keep it regarding your own transaction, even though it's really unfair of her to keep selling fake product. She didn't ask you to return it, so I'm assuming she just wants you to keep it and do with it as you will.
  5. HM.. I have some concern that this woman is selling a product of which NO ONE is likely to know the ingredients if it is a counterfeit product. And if it is a breastfeeding cream, then potentially there is a possibility that remnants of this cream could be exposed to a baby's mouth. This could be dangerous, IMO.

    (1) def leave feedback that the cream is not labeled as described in auction and ingredients unknown to warn other mothers.
    (2) perhaps try to report this to ebay as a safety/health hazard
    (3) try contacting the co of the real product and advise them of the link to the seller's product.
    (4) I would also try to contact the FDA http://www.fda.gov/AboutFDA/ContactFDA/ReportaProblem/default.htm
  6. I agree with everything Ellie Mae said. :goodpost:

    It bothers and worries me that this counterfeit product will come in direct contact with newborn babies... I may be reporting her to ebay too!
  7. Looks like she's been caught at least twice before selling fake "something"..... she has 2 negs for selling knockoffs. I'd leave a neg AND contact ebay AND the other suggestions from Ellie Mae.

    Her apology sounds sincere, her story sounds believable BUT.... her feedback tells a different story. Do what you can to get her NARU'd. Don't worry -- she'll have another ID and be back in business in no time.
  8. MIRDC if you can take a photo of the front and back label of the jar of the cream that you were sold, you can upload the photos to photobucket, and include a link to those photos in your reports. May help....
    If you want to post these links here, perhaps others who wish to report it can include the links also.

    Do save the original packaging that the cream was mailed to you in.
    If mailed via USPS, you can also file mail fraud complaint at USPS.COM.
  9. People sound sincere when they need too.... And if she was sincere, the other products would have been taken down immediately, since she is so concerned about her buyers.
  10. that's so gross, and so WRONG! :cursing: Who knows what could be in that fake cream... report her in all ways possible, and hold your head up knowing you're saving babies from possibly ingesting horrible ingredients.

  11. I agree with this post too. As a mother of three the thought of a fake product coming in contact with a newborn sickens me. I hope no-one has used this product yet!
  12. I would def leave a negative and make sure to include the specific item name since I see some feedback is private.. this isnt the first time she sold a fake, and it wont be the last. Especially since she said she would take it down but is still selling it. She probably bought them all for 10 bucks and now selling them and making a huge profit!
  13. There was an article about this exact thing several weeks ago,

    please report her to ebay.. don't want to be dramatic,, but in doing so,,it may

    save the life of a baby and the life of a mother as well....fake breast cream, I find

    that repulsive, disgraceful and she should be reported to the local police dept...
  14. I also reported her. Sick woman. I hope nobody becomes ill from the use of this who-knows-what product. UGH
  15. You should definitely leave negative FB to warn others about her!