wwyd-chanel or balenciaga?

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  1. My quest for a new handbag is not going well. I picked up my new Chanel cotton club pouchette on Friday and I'm really disappointed. First my SA was out to lunch when I went to pick it up and while she was nice when I first met with her, all the other SAs there that day were just rude. I said I was there to pick up my purse and they said they couldn't find it. Some SA scurried off and I was perfectly happy to just walk away and save myself some $$. Then someone showed up with it and it was smaller than I thought and the chain is not that long. I can only fit it on my shoulder if I am in summer clothing and definitely not a winter coat when I go out. I have about 10 days left if I want to return it and I'm thinking about it. I've always wanted a chanel bag and the TPF has only made it worse. But I don't know if I can justify this bag for $800 when its looks so much like my LV epi pochette in black (which was only about $200 when I bought it 5 years ago). I was really looking forward to getting the day hobo from balanciaga at NM but I forgot to bring a gift card with me the last time I was there. Then the SA from Chanel called me Friday morning about this bag. At least the day hobo is more practical but I don't know if the balenciaga craze will be over soon. I'm so confused. any ideas? (no I can't have both as DH and I are saving to buy a home) TIA!
  2. i'm biased, i'll always go for balenciaga :yahoo:
    i got my first bal about 2 yrs ago, and still purchasing more and more :party:
  3. another vote for balenciaga:jammin:
  4. I vote for the Balenciaga. The day bag is not too trendy looking to be an in or out bag. I like it b/c it's more practical than the Chanel and you'll get more use out of it.
  5. I don't think you should worry about something going out of style, especially the Balenciaga. The styles of the Bbags have endured for a long time now.
  6. go for the balenciaga! first the chanel was a disappointment b/c it's smaller than you thought, and second it seems you have a bag like that, the black LV epi pochette. so i think you should get something different like the balenciaga.
  7. Definitely go for the Balenciaga, I think they are a staple bag that will always be around or at least something that you will be more happy with. Silly to keep this when you have the Epi pochette do you are not gaining much in capacity.
  8. bbag!
  9. biased reply: go for the balenciaga! i recently bought a day/hobo and love it.

    unbiased reply: if you're spending that much $$ on something, you have to adore it. if you can't fit it over your shoulder in the winter, and you're an avowed over-the-shoulder gal (i'm one of those!), then keep that in mind.
  10. Although I prefer chanel as a brand over balenciaga, it sound as if the chanel you bought isn't practical for your needs. Especially if you have an LV that will do the same job.
    Based on the practicality issue, I say return it and go for the Balenciaga!
    Enjoy whichever one you choose!
  11. The Chanel was $800?
    I'm not familiar w/ a new style Chanel bag for $800. . . it must be small.
    If you have to stay in that price range, you don't have much choice w/ Chanel.
    I think Chanel is the way to go 90% of the time, but not if it means getting a bag that's not right for you.
  12. I vote for the Balenciaga. I don't think it will ever look outdated, if that is what you are worried about. If you have your heart set on a Chanel, return the purse you bought and save up for another couple of months until you can get one in a size you can use.
  13. B bag !! You sound miserable even talking about the Chanel !
  14. I would normally say go for the Chanel because they are classic and maintain their value. However, you seem like you need a bag worth being excited about. In that case, go with a balenciaga! As long as you love it, it doesn't matter if they phase out (which seems unlikely anyways as they are the best thing balenciaga has going for them).
  15. Balenciaga!!!!