WWYB - What would You buy!

  1. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my previous thread. I just realized that I have $750 to spend at LV. And of course I know need suggestions!

    What would you buy?

    Keep in mind I don't need to spend the entire amount. :shame: I have a feeling I may need to buy DH some items in order for this to work.:lol:
  2. Hmmm....do you like the hearts that are out or the new cles or are you looking to buy a bag?
  3. The new Vernis cles (I believe it's LE) in Pomme or the new Zippy Coin Purse in Cassis or Grenade!
  4. I love the look of the hearts but I have no idea how I would use them with my bags. I have been living out of my Denim XL but the interior would clash with any of the cute heart colors.

    Ohhh a Zippy Coin Purse... I could replace my old one..... hmmmm.
  5. I love the idea of the shawl. I have always eyed them but I have never been able to qualify purchasing them. But since this is free money.....
  6. The new cles is very cute and functional. I have my Ipod Nano in mine.
  7. I wish elux had the function to sort by price!
  8. The Grenade Eugenie!!!!
  9. search Louis Vuitton on elux and then go from High to low Price and near the left side it will say in different brackets what price points you want to view... :smile:
  10. A speedy maybe in azur for spring
  11. a Wapity (if you don't already have one) - it's my next "must have"
  12. mmm.. the new vernis cles in violette or... a wapity?
  13. Love the idea of a cles. I am assuming I could fit a few credit cards in them?

    Love it!

    You Sir are a genius - thank you!

    SO cute.

    I like the look of the wapity but I have no idea what I would put in it. My camera was too small for it.
  14. I love the look of the cles. So little and cute.