1. Every time I've come to TPF recently, this site comes up and creates spam pop-ups. I was able to run my software and stop the pop up from coming up, but I still see it my toolbar window (that address name coming up momentarily) whenever I move around TPF. (Only TPF) I'm pretty computer-literate, and have the latest anti-virus software from my IT dept. This seems to be only TPF-related. Not sure what it is or why.
  2. odd . . . I'll flag Vladi.

  3. Thanks Swanky.

    The ad network is not supposed to pop any spam popups. Can you provide me with some screenshots of the popups so I can submit a complaint?
  4. I can no longer recreate the pop up, ever since running my anti-everything software... but here is where I was referring to. Maybe it's normal. A paid advertiser or something. I just wanted to mention it though. When I started getting the pop up is when I noticed this at every page switch within TPF. Thanks!
  5. That would just be an annoying delay which I am trying to find a workaround for. Thanks for pointing this out.