www.trendora.com - authentic bbags?

  1. I´d say it's just as safe as any other professional on-line store. I bought I Gucci Aviatrix a few weeks back and I found the service and shipping excellent:yahoo:http://www.trendora.com/gucci-aviatrix-boston.aspx! The bag is just gorgeous and will last a looooong time. (Has to, needless to say)....
  2. hi everyone!

    i stumbled upon the website www.trendora.com and was wondering if they sold authentic bags? more specifically their bbags?

  3. You can rest assure that the Trendora.com prods are as authentic as they come!

    I recently bought the Prada Dressy look bag which was gorgeous of course. Fast shipping and great looking boxes.:tup:
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  5. Ooh..I'm looking for the above too. What color does the local store carry and price?
  6. hi pebz,i was at gucci paragon and they have the gucci jolicoeur in green and red but in small size, medium and large are sold out. They still have the jolicoeur medium in gold and pink. i really want the green and red in medium or large!!! =S
  7. Really? How does the gold and pink measure up? Price?
  8. Hi ladies,

    I have not found much on TPF re this site so i was wondering if someone had already bought a bag from them?

    Are they legit? :confused1:


  9. I'm not sure, but I would never order from a site that charges 10% restocking fees if you return something. That's total BS.
  10. I cant see anything, the website is under construction.
  11. This website is pretty strange ... The prices are amazing... but everytime you click on an item it is "out of stock" .
    I can add that on the FAQ and "about" ... There is no quaranty that these are authentic bags , only info is that the company is in luxemburg !

    What do you think about this website ? :confused1:

  12. In the FAQ page, there is a column on the right that promises 100% authentic items. Maybe it's a legitimate business?
  13. There are so many misspellings, I suspect their legitimacy. Nothing is in stock... perhaps they have been shut down?