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    Searching for that perfect fall carryall—one that your friends won't be able to place, but will simply have to have? Look no further than Gryson, a new line just hitting stores. Designer Joy Gryson earned her chops at Coach, Calvin Klein, and, most recently, Marc Jacobs—which means she knows her way around an "It" bag. Her contenders for that title feature soft Italian leathers, suede linings, braided details, and brushed-metal hardware. They're luxe, yet cool, where other must-have totes can be uptown, uptight, and, worst of all, obvious. If you want to be the first in the front row to have a Gryson, better grab one now.
    Gryson leather Skye bag in Smoke, $695, available at Bergdorf Goodman, NYC, (800) 558-1855
  2. I already got mine and i'm LOVING it!!!
  3. Milton, which colors/styles did you pick up?
    The color in the picture looks like chocolate right?
    After seeing Olivia in Chocolate, Military, and Smoke at NM Fashion Island, I like Chocolate the most. I am thinking about White as well, did you get yours in White too?

    Thanks for the style.com info, I love Gryson bags. =)
  4. bag.lover, the bag in the picture is smoke.
    i have and Olivia in military and a skye in white. i love them both, i use the olivia during the week for work and the skye on the weekends.
  5. Must be the color of my laptop, this Smoke doesn't look as greyish as the one I saw at NM. =) Is it possible for you to post some pics of you with your Skye? I am only 5ft so I'm wondering whether it'll be too big.

    I'm interested in Skye in White & Chocolate, Ava in Bordeaux & Black. What to do.....
  6. i don't think the skye will be too big for you. i'll bring my skye to work and take some pictures.
  7. Yeah, I have been using my Skye this past weekend and lovin it too. Still getting used to the size of the bag, but it does hold all my stuff (I am just a BIG bag gal usually). I love the versatility of using the handles versus the straps, but it is nice to have both. I'll admit I have had some problems getting into the bag quick, when the handles poke in and get in the way, but'll get used to it!

    FYI: that picture does look like chocolate rather than Smoke too