www.shopantonia.com Authentic bags?

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  1. Hey all, I don't normally like to start threads unless I have something important to say. This time, I have something important to ask. I was looking at the Neiman Marcus website sale items because of a post in the Deals and Steals part of the forum. I fell in LOVE with a Botkier bag. I've never seen them before, and I want this particular one SO bad but NM only had it in black, and I wanted Mahogany. I found one website that has the mahogany, but did a search here and wasn't able to find anything about it.

    Has anyone ever bought anything from shopantonia.com? Are their items authentic?
    This is the bag I wanted: BombayTote-Maho in Mahogany : Handbags - Antonia

    I'd really appreciate your input with this. Thanks so much.
  2. Yes, it's located in the "tony" area of Newport Beach, CA. I have seen that Botkier before and it IS grogeous-Love Botkier anyway!:yes:
  3. Oh, so there's actually an Antonia store? That's cool, I had no idea. Too bad I don't live in CA anymore, I'd so drive up and get that bag. *L*

    Thanks for replying. The bag is $200 more on the Antonia site, than the sale one on NM, but the color just makes a huge difference.