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:idea: Hey every one! My name is Elly and I run the site:


We are a young and enthusiastic team with a special keen for a personal and professional customer service. I’m very exited to tell you about our products as, we take a lot of pride in them, being a mirror image replicas to LV and Chanel handbags. We use materials of the highest standard possible: fine canvas, oxidizing cowhide leather trim,
polished brass engraved hardware and come with all the authenticity documents that comes with the original models
. All assembled together, down to the finest detail, to be a ‘7 star’ replica with a luxuriant look at a very affordable price! Specially with our FREE super speedy shipment to anywhere in the world! And our wholesale deal.. 50% discount when reaching the $800!

I'll assist you through the whole procedure of ordering until, you'll receive your order to your 100% satisfaction. Please don't hesitate to ask me any question, that's what I'm here for! sales@*removed*.com

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Any day now, we're going to have Hermes and Cloe


Mar 16, 1980
Hi, my name is Vladimir and I run this site. I like your colored formatting but I still don't like your fake bags. So please go and spam 'em somewhere else. :smile:
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