www.redtagparty.com !! is it authentic !!??

  1. hellow every one,

    my name is nada..
    I wanted to ask u all about this website >>>>> redtagparty.com !! R those handbags & those stuff in the website authentic !!?? and is there is any one of u who bought something from them and how was it plzzz let us know ... !!!???


  2. No, these are all fake bags. You cannot get an authentic Hermes for $400.
  3. Please excuse me if this is posted in the wrong section, this is my first post. I have currently been scammed by www.redtagparty.com and after LOTS of research and speaking with a friend who works at a law firm in Seattle, WA (where I live) I believe that I will be moving forward with a class action lawsuit against this company on the grounds of non-disclosure in regard to their products being knock-offs. I have quite a bit of information on my end and I'm hoping other people do too. I know that they have been talked about on this forum, so hopefully this will be of benefit to others.

    Here are some interesting info that I have experienced with this company:

    - They have no disclosure, the closest thing is in their privacy policy which references a site called basic replica. I have contacted Basic Replica and they say that they not only are not affiliated with, but also have not heard of Red Tag Party. This information voids all disclosures on BR's site from applying to RTP. Also, because RTP is not an actual customer of BR, nothing linking to that site is actually legit legally.

    - Both the phone number and address of this company are bogus. The LA address is for a strip mall which RTP does not reside in. I have sent a registered letter to this address and it has been returned. The return address on the package is a PO Box in San Deigo, but their site says not to return to there because orders will not be able to be processed if they go there. The actual order was processed in NY according to my credit card statement.

    - They do not send the right product. I ordered one thing and sent another.

    - They do not respond to e-mails. On their site they list an address, which I had contacted 3 times asking to cancel my order (all e-mails were linked together). The only response that I had received from them was that my order was being 'shipped out tomorrow,' proving that they received, but neglected to honor my previous requests to cancel the order before being shipped. They also do not sign with a name, only redtagparty.

    - RTP has an "F" rating with the BBB. I have contacted them and issued a complaint.

    If you have ordered or know anyone who has ordered from this company and are interested in contributing please drop me a line. I will not request any info that you are not comfortable in giving, save that for the lawyers.