www.raffaello-network.com - overpriced???

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  1. Is www.raffaello-network.com overpriced?

    All of the prices seem over retail & where they add RRP it's way higher than the retail? :confused1:

    I found a Prada ski jacket in the Prada store but they didn't have my size, then found it on www.raffaello-network.com & the retail price was way over the price in Prada & the 'our price' was also over the retail, I sent a email asking it this was an error & never received a reply... :blah:

    Found quite a few other overpriced items on there?... :amazed:

    Looks dodgy to me, what do you think? :ban:
  2. I just took a look at some of the Chloe bags and some are lower than retail and some are higher!
  3. Thanks for having a look, hmmm... so some are lower & some are higher...

    I noticed on the sunglasses they state a RRP which is higher than the actual one too :wacko: sneaky :ninja:
  4. The Fendi items are definitely like this. I have also heard of them just tacking on another $100 to order totals for the heck of it and without warning (they just charge it to your card). Fun, huh? At least they're not selling fakes, but I would only order from them in desperation.
  5. really? they seem a bit greedy to make some extra cash, that's a bit cheeky :huh:

    I didn't like the way they pretend the RRP is higher than it is on some things - it's misleading if you didn't check :wacko:
  6. I've had some bad experience with this site, would never deal with them again.
    They are incompetent, and very unprofessional.
  7. Are they authentic? I had some doubts on the matter.
  8. THERE are MANY threads on this topic all over the forum..if you use your search feature..itll pull them up

    R-N IS AUTHENTIC..AND does inflate prices on SOME but not all merchandise...
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