1. Hi guys! After reading the many perfume threads on tPF (the forum bug got me again!) I was loading up my CC for some major spending... I found this site which seems pretty good, but I am worried about its authenticity. Usually I just call their customer service # so as to make sure it's actually working :rolleyes: and an automated - not the usual service network provider's voice - came on and said the call did not go through, and to hang up and try again... Right number on the site, yet I keep getting this message. This has made me scared to order from there lol! And I love all the great collections available... I wanna order!!! :upsidedown:

    has anybody ordered from this site with no problems before?

  2. I have never ordered from them,but I have ordered from these two websites and they are definitely legit. Also, I noticed that perfume emporium is more expensive than the two websites listed below. Check out the ones that I listed, they are legitimate and I have ordered from them both. I got fast shipping and great service.