www.myplasticheart.com discount codes?

  1. anyone has one? i cant find anything and i wanna get a minion and a DYI toy. :rolleyes:

    also, anyone knows if the DYIs are meant to be use with an specific paint? does it hold all materials? thanks girls ;)
  2. Not sure if this is current but give it a try;

    SALEMONSTER - 20% off sale items
  3. thanks for the link!! :heart: yeah im getting that one! and the bunny angel one. i wanna customize one for me and one for my roomie. :shame:
  4. nope. but thanks anyway!! ;)
  5. ah,the bunny ones are adorable. i also really like the DIY Devil Devil Toyer,but that's been sold out for a while
  6. yeah.. thats why im getting the bunnies, before they sell out too. theyre just adorable and i have a thing for bunnies since childhood, so imagine. hehehe :p