www.munia.net Large Bianca in Black ?!??

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  1. Hi , I was checking large bianca on ebay for sometime but nothing brand-new in black. While googling I found out this website and a large black bianca (yes,overpriced!) I want to know if it's legit.Design of the site does not look promising,no extra photos,no detailed info on the bag but still I keep my hopes...

    I also need to know if all Biancas are made of lambskin and suede lined. What was the last season Botkier produced them?

    Anyone any ideas?

    Thanks so much.:flowers:
  2. Holy macaroon! It is overpriced but it's such a nice bag. I'm new to Botkier so I'm not much help. Keep searching and hopefully you get a better deal.
  3. That is over priced! I am no expert but that picture does not look like the large size to me. Maybe some of the other ladies have a better idea. Good luck!