www.ibuy.tv ...... a UK shopping channel selling great Bags

  1. Hi

    I just tought i'd tell you about the above website/shopping channel
    channel 631 on UK sky tv

    they sell loads of designer bags/wallets from Gucci, chloe, fendi, prada at knock down prices and they are all authentic.

    I'm not sure if they ship internationally but definitely worth a look.

    I have bought several gucci items and they are all boxed, brand new, 100% authentic & fantastic prices.
  2. i looooooove this channel on tv and havent bought nothing because im under 18 but i could sit and watch it for hours on end. I went to flick over the other day though and it said the channel was no longer available :S and ive just flicked it on now and its still saying ibuy is not available! but they have brilliant bags at brilliant prices and all sorts of accessories!
  3. Hi, I have bought 3 Fendi spy bags from ibuy.tv and had to return 1 as the end of the tube wouldn't close but I love my other 2 and I can say from experience that I would buy from again as the bags are genuine and the customer services was excellent...very friendly and curteous. I was going to buy a new spy bag from the Fendi store when I was on holiday in California recently but boy am I glad I waited the price difference was unreal $2400 against £899 AND I noticed that the prices are creeping down so I reckon at this rate I will have a complete collection of Fendi Spy's!! Go on check it out you even have 30 days or so to return the item if your not completely happy with it......Ohhh it's heaven on earth!!!
  4. I know - going bag shopping without having to drive into london - i love it!!!!

    i bought a gucci wallet and a gucci messenger for my mum, they also had my gucci messenger on there a lot cheaper than my hubby bought if for.

    Its terrible though isnt it - you cant switch it off!!!
  5. I saw yesterday that they were selling silver Tiffany jewellry.

    Personally, I would be very wary that the stuff they have is genuine.

    I wasn't tempted by their £40 Tiffany.

    When you buy from them, do the items you buy have the correct dust bags, cards etc?

    Good luck!

  6. my friend bought a Gucci Messenger from them and its fine - was around £180 cheaper than retail
  7. ^^

    That's an excellent deal! :0) It's really hard to tell looking at the pictures on the web site, I guess if you're looking at the bags when they have them on the screen, you'd have a much better idea.

    I was able to see the Tiffany stuff they had on yesterday though, and I'm still not convinced about that, especially as Tiffany only sell via the web and at their stores. (I know Gucci/Prada do wholesale) So, where were they getting all the Tiffany stuff, and managing to sell at about a third of retail?

  8. I would be wary to get from them b/c after looking in the fendi forum someone saw that the spy bags have the wrong lining in them so they contacted fendi to see if they'd changed it and they said they hadn't which makes me think they were fake. Also if they are selling tiffany jewellery I would be even more wary....:confused1:
  9. Ibuy is THE biggest growing shopping channel in the Uk and i dont doubt for a second that if any of their items were fake, they'd be closed down in a second. You just wouldn't get a way with it in this country with all our trading standard regulations etc and desinger labels being so hot on stopping fakes being sold.

    I have read a couple of articles about them and also watched a programme about them and they have such a good name that i very much doubt they would entertain selling copies. They'd not get away with it.

    I have bought several items from them which are 100% genuine - they all have their correct dustbags & packaging and serial numbers etc. They are all in mint condition and they are without a boubt 100% genuine.
  10. It justs makes me wonder though w/ the spy bags having a different lining.:confused1:
  11. There was a programme about them. The owners were previously known as auction tv and they went bankrupt with a number of fines for fakes which was proven, I'd be wary as all the owners of Auction TV are now the owners of this. There is as people said here the story of the fake fendi lining that a member had checked out with fendi (sure thats what someone has mentioned above)
  12. Incidentally last year Tiffany made them remove their items as they were not Tiffany! I am surprised they are selling it again and am sure that Tiffany will intervene again
  13. Yes, I remember previously hearing about them selling Tiffany... I sincerely doubt that the T&CO merchandise is authentic... which would make me question everything they're selling... make sure you know the return policies and buy with caution!

    I thought it was steal of the century too when my sis-in-law told me about the channel. We both bought a Gucci bag each, for approx 50% off RRP and also a Gucci bracelet.

    As soon as they arrived I knew they weren't the genuine article, as previous to purchasing on iBUY I looked at the supposed same bag and bracelet a few times in Selfridges.

    The bag I got, the color was off, and had water marks all over. And the bracelet, the Gucci marking was different font to the real.

    I promptly sent them back and got a refund, I said it was faulty so I didnt lose out. But was just incovenienced from going to the post office. And was also very disappointed.

    This is my experience, and I would never buy anything from that channel again no matter how cheap.

    So please be careful if you do decide to. Perhaps to it to a boutique to compare?
  15. I was really surprised to read all your negative comments about Ibuy as I said i have purhcased from them on several occasion and have got genuine items.

    However it has made me more cautious!! - Soph - did you report this to trading standards?

    If several of you think they sell fakes surely they should be reported??

    I cant believe that a UK shopping channel could blatently sell counterfeit goods can you?