which ed hardy hoodie?

  1. wolf

  2. love kills slowly

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  1. guyssssss!!
    i found the best site .. i just dont know if its authentic
    im lookin to buy my bf this ed hardy zip up which retails in Nordstrom for $242 for v-day

    i found it on this site for under $150
    would you trust it??did anyone use it b4?

    plus..which design? wolf or love kills slowly

    its basically the same thing in the front but the back its 2 different designs


  2. woops i reposted the same pics 465745 times.. but you got the point
  3. You should go for, Dr. Jay's on Fordham Rd. the, Bronx .
  4. I prefer the Love Kills Slowly one. I think that site is authentic, someone I know used to use it a few years back, if it's the same one I'm thinking of.
  5. drjays is authentic. i used to order things from there all the time. i dont think i have ever heard of any complaints against them.

    did you know that they carry similar ed hardy items at the norstroms rack, Saks outlet and marshalls for much less. i got a boat load of sweatshirts and tshirts from marshalls for like 75% off retail.
  6. Its definately authentic I used to shop there all the time!
  7. I prefer the love kills slowly one.
  8. Thanks Guys, I Ended Up Ordering The Wolf .. I Like It Better Cause Its More Original ! (= Thanksss
  9. Good choice - I think he will love it!
  10. I've used Dr. Jays before, they sell authentic stuff. They have a handful of stores around NYC too (I like the wolf).
  11. Dr. Jays is authentic. I've shopped there before and have never had any complaints. They are pretty big on the East Coast.