www.dior.com fall/wintergoodies !

  1. since i have been sitting at home slacking for a good while, i decided to do something purposeful...hence the new threads to come ! ;) lets start with clothes ... i might like crazy bags or shoes, but i am a fan of feminine and elegant and classy/classic when it comes to clothes...i :heart: the autumn line, i so wish i could afford Dior clothes as well....
    Diorautumn1.JPG Diorautumn2.JPG Diorautumn3.JPG Diorautumn5.JPG Diorautumn6.JPG
  2. lets move on to winter ...these are my absolute favourites but there will be more to come...hopefully something to drool over for everyone !
    Diorwinter1.JPG Diorwinter7.JPG Diorwinter3.JPG Diorwinter6.JPG Diorwinter17.JPG
  3. and more....
    Diorwinter2.JPG Diorwinter4.JPG Diorwinter5.JPG Diorwinter8.JPG Diorwinter9.JPG
  4. and more...:nuts:
    Diorwinter10.JPG Diorwinter11.JPG Diorwinter12.JPG Diorwinter13.JPG Diorwinter14.JPG
  5. so...anything youre loving? :love:anything youre hating? :push:
    Diorwinter15.JPG Diorwinter16.JPG Diorwinter18.JPG Diorwinter19.JPG
  6. I've been in love with the black and cream coats with the belt/strassed buckle for awhile now, I love the detail on the belt (attached a photo) :love:
    I wish the black came in textured wool like the cream one, the cream is $4590 (I could maybe justify a Dior coat for that price :sneaky: ) but the black one (cashmere) is $8835 which I definitely can't justify, it's so beautiful though.

    I love the black suit with the bow on the jacket too, so pretty.

  7. i dont think i wanted to know these prices...:nogood: do you think i could just sell my house and splash out on the whole collection?;) im not sure if it would be that reasonable!:crybaby:

    i love that suit as well, so chic...:love:
  8. i love every single piece, they're even more luscious in real life. but even a cardigan from dior is 800 euros (it was sooo pretty with huge gems covered in black lace encircling the collar line, i'm eternally regretting not getting it). that said, nat hun, during the sales in paris (at the flagship) in june, A FEW ROOMS FULL of clothing were on sale (from relatively recent lines) so, y'know.. i'm sure you could get an item or ten. ;)

  9. with the furniture expenses we have had and the new apartment, i dont think so ! :nuts::crybaby::hysteric:
  10. The prices are scary aren't they. I was gushing over the catalogue when it arrived until I read the price list. I really love how classic and timeless a lot of the pieces are.
  11. The clothes are all amazing, though i'm not convinced about the hats and some of those shoes are horrid!
  12. :nuts::nuts:
    yes you are going to get some new dior threads missy! just like how you're going to be toting your fuschia croc kelly. :graucho: it's definitely in the cards!

    p/s hun, what's the decor like in your new place? i finally finally have time off tomorrow to go to the shops to get you a house-warming present. *heaves a hugeeee sigh of relief*
  13. the clothes are very pretty but i'm not a fan of the bags.
  14. All this eye candy is not good for the wallet. Haha
  15. RWT is Faaaaaaaaantastc But i really miss the old days where DIor Bags were the IT + most wanted bags, no offense to whom like current bags but i miss the era of 2000-2004/5 .. they really need to work on their leather goods department .. i would love to see vaaaaaaaarious range of saddles too :sad:

    Thaaaaanks natalia :heart: