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  1. Hello everyone!
    My friend came across this website and she asked me to check it out. I know I'm pretty sure the items on sale are fakes but I just need confirmation on this. They do not say on the site specifically that they are selling fakes but all the other signs are there that would suggest that they are. The site is here:

    They even have their FAQ set up.
  2. Wow there wabsite is a fake version of NM! That should be a warning sign! Seriously? Fake!
  3. Wow, I've never seen so much code copied from another site before.

    This statement cracks me up:

    Q: Why they are not as expensive as MSRP?

    A: Because the merchant got them directly from designer as overstock.

    Um, that would be a NO.
  4. Agreed! SO fake!
  5. Disgustingly fake!
  6. @ angelnyc89 - that's what I said when I first went to the site
    @ lorihmatthews - I also LOLed when I read that

    - although I asked one of my friends and she said she had one of her co-workers to buy something from there. When the bag arrived, she said that it looked good. In imitation terms, their stuff would probably be a "Class A" imitation.
  7. Wow. Yeah, this site screams fake... Don't buy from here, OP! :nono:
  8. Fake, fake, fake!
  9. Bevare of this website.. Did some research on google, and found reviews from ppl who bought bag from there. U can read it here:http://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.25outlet.com