wWhat do you wear with your Epi mandarin?

  1. I'm thinking about the Jasmin in Mandarin and was wondering what colors you all wear with it. Is it versatile or do you find the color to be limiting.? Would the red be more versatile, since alot of people consider it a "neutral" color. TAI
  2. I own a Speedy in the mandarin, and I would have to agree that the red is more versatile. That being said, I don't regret the orange, since I already have plenty of "neutral" bags (Damier, monogram, black, etc.). The orange is a fun color that pops, and that's what I wanted it for. If you don't have many neutral-colored bags you may want to consider the red.

    I wear the orange with white, denim, grey, brown...basically I just try to avoid an all-black outfit (too Halloween-y).
  3. Personally I would go with the red - the mandarin just doesnt do it for me. There isnt much that I would be able to pair with it.
  4. I love Mandarin! Get it!! Its going to be gone soon, and you might regret it!

    I think orange goes with alot, alot of my shirts have orange in them, mostly hott pinks, browns, blue, lime greens, and alot more go with it.

    yeah red is neutral, but mandarin just pops more.
  5. Mandarin is a fun color but I won't consider it neutral though. Like Rey said it goes with all those colors. Let us know what you decide

    ETA, the Jasmin is a beautiful style as well
  6. i'd wear it with jeans, capris (i'd stay away from black

    t-shirt again stay away from black.
    White, creme, blue, browns,yellows,
  7. i have red and love it. i say get the bag in red, and if you love the mandarin color, get a mandarin wallet.
  8. Jeans, khaki, browns, golds, yellows, most everything actually. I don't think it is orange enough to look Halloweenish so I wear it with black & a colored top. The red is great with most every color.
  9. Trick or Treat!:nuts:
    But seriously, it looks GORGEOUS with white!!!:love: Or jeans and white tank, like Angie in the second pic!!!
    epi.JPG 71172_angieout.jpg
  10. :roflmfao:
    Seriously, it looks great with your outfit Irene!
    I agree that it is not a deep enough Orange to be Halloweenish.
  11. I love mine (Jasmin) and wear it with a lot of different things. I'm mostly a jeans/white shorts girl so that's what I tend to wear it with. I wouldn't typically wear it with black since for me, it'd look like I was celebrating Halloween lol.
    Otherwise, there are a LOT of colors that go with it, you're not just limited to a few.
  12. I just got my Epi Bucket in mandarin today & I am so excited because I just love the color. I had khaki cargo capris and a black tee on & it still looked great! I wouldn't wear it with an all black outfit but you can pull it off with one black article of clothing. Just look at LV addict's picture above, she looks great with hers!
  13. I love how my mandarin speedy looks with pink and red. I don't wear too much black with it however.
  14. No black or orange, but anything else goes.
  15. Congrats Bellabags! I hope you post a picture of your new bucket!