WWF can be proud of me: I'm giving a home to a ....

  1. :wlae: :love: :yahoo: CUTE LITTLE PANDA :yahoo::love: :wlae:

    I just couldn't resist and clicked BIN on a just listed auction:

    260€ shipped from a seller that I know sells 100% authentic items!

    I'm so excited and just needed to share as I'm all alone at home now and have no one to talk to right now :P

    Thanks for listening :shame:
    My Panda baby.jpg
  2. Very cute!!
  3. YEAH Baby! I have that cute lil panda, just posted him in the pochettes thread yesterday, check it out... oh so happy for you... I get so many compliments on him, that's a really really good buy! Congrats!
  4. hello Kittie LaRoche,
    Which city areyou in germany???Am in germany too.Please tell me if you dont mind
  5. Hagen, NRW :yes: ... Where are you from?
  6. congrats! so cute!
  7. Ooooh! Congrats! It's sooo cute!:heart:
  8. Herzlichen Glückwunsch in english Congratulations ;)
  9. So cute. Congrats!
  10. AWESOME! its adorable! im glad you going to give it a loving home... and food... and an owner LOL!
  11. Congrats! What a cute piece!
  12. congrats!!! he's so cute!
  13. lol. Congrats. :smile:

    I want one of those little booklets! :P
  14. oh i've got one too and its soooo cute isnt it? :yes: congrats!!
  15. lucky you! congrats!
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