WWD Article: Consumers Name (Favorite) Names

  1. There was an interesting article in the WWD today. I tried to attach the article but for some reason it exceeded the limit. Excerpts:

    "Even if the labels and logos were covered up in ads for fashion brands, consumers would still recognize a few of the top apparel names, said Robert Passikoff, president of marketing consultant Brand Keys. Names noteworthy in that regard include Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Chanel. The bottom line: Fashion brands matter less than they used to, but the ones that do mean something to people matter more. At this point, only a handful of fashion brands have a place in the consumer's mind."

    Brands Women Find Most Important to Wear:
    Brand % Who favor it
    Ralph Lauren 32%
    Giorgio Armani 25%
    Versace 22%
    Chanel 20%
    Donna Karan 19%
    Chloe 8%

    Source: Brand Keys poll of 3,500 women, ages 21 to 59, second quarter 2007

  2. Yes, I think Ralph Lauren is quite popular... Thanks for sharing sweetsparkle! :biggrin:
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  8. How about LV????
  9. Ralph Lauren-most important??? really???