wut size for 2.55 dark red reissue, 225, 226, 227?

  1. i love to have a 226 but looks like the chance is slim :sad: is that color too flashy on 227? maybe i'll have to downgrade myself to a 225...
  2. Personally, I love the 227 size. I think it's a great size and I'm waiting for this color in the 227. I tend to like bigger bags, but I think either 226 or 227 in red would be gorgeous! :smile:
  3. i think the size each person get is really a matter of taste. for colored bags i prefer smaller sizes. i am hoping for this one in the 226 size, but secretly hoping for the 225. :p but, it will all boil down to who is going to call me and say "we got your bag!"
  4. 226:yes:
  5. 225 or 226:love:
  6. 227 for sure- this red is a dark red with undertones that can carry it from day to night easily!!!
  7. 225 is the perfect size for me ~ i like my flaps to be neat & i don't need to carry a lot in them ~ if i'm having a *carry the kitchen sink day* i'll wear something bigger like a cabas or one of my bbags ~ have fun deciding!
  8. for this particular color .. i would go for 225 :yes:
  9. Aren't the 225's hard to get? I though only Hawaii had them?
  10. 226 is harder than 225. my name is on 225 already
  11. 226 is better,not too big and not too small.:love:
  13. I like the 225 & 226 sizes.

  14. i believe for the USA only hawaii is getting the 225 size. so 225 is harder to get for us USA-folks. otherwise, europe has them in stock too.
  15. I would say either 225 or 226 for this colour.