wut should i do?!?!?

  1. im having a hard time choosing between these 2 bags...i really want to get them both but....after getting a guccissima pelham and that chanel lux bowler..and the epi koala wallet this month..im feeling too guilty to get both....:sad: -sigh-...so..wut would yu guys buy? im trying to decide between the epi mandarin speedy 25 or the pap 30 in damier. something ive been thinking about is that i have alot of speedys...but then the mandarin epi is going to be gone soon..and i dont like any other styles in the epi line...so wut should i do??? heeellppppp!! :shrugs:
  2. I would suggest this, If you like the style of the Papillon 30 and the color Mandarin then get the Mandarin Soufflot. Its basically the same thing as the Papillon 30 but in epi. :smile:
  3. I say go for the mandarin because soon it'll be gone for good!!
  4. A word of caution on the Mandarin Speedy - quite a few of them have a horrible cat pee smell. I had one and had to return it. There was a problem with the canvas and the mandarin dye causing a horrible reaction. So be careful! (but it is GORGEOUS!)
  5. eww, how odd. I would suggest the mandarin too.
  6. I'd definitely try to get a mandarin speedy before they run out. But yes, watch out for the cat pee smell !
  7. really?! theres a cat pee smell?! eww...taht sounds so disgusting....im going to lv today..so ill look at it..and smell it...HAHAHA...=DD but does all of the mandarin items have htat smell? or is it juss some? also, i didnt like how the soufflot looked on me..its not perfectly round..and i think it looks a bit too old for me..thanks for the suggestion though! =D
  8. definitely the mandarin speedy. You can always get the papillon later.
  9. Get the mandarin speedy. If you wait until it is no longer available in stores, you will have to resort to ebay and you won't have the luxury of returning it if it does happen to have the cat pee smell.
  10. thats so true...is the smell really strong and will it appear over time or if i dont smell it in the store it will not smell as i use it?
  11. Get the speedy. Christina got one and it didn't have the smell. I think the smell was in certain batches, but they fixed it.
  12. i prefer the Damier Papillon 30. it's a classic and it goes with anything, plus it's such a cute shape and it comes with the baby Papillon :yes:
  13. For me, I prefer the Papillon 30, but if you really want the epi Speedy you should probably get that soon.
  14. Mandarin speedy!:yes: :love:
  15. Most definatley mandarin speedy!