wut do u think of the 2.55 wallet

  1. i am thinking of getting the black coz it's so classy. i wonder anyone owns it? how do u think of it in term of functionality? thx!
  2. I haven't seen one. . . I don't think{?}
  3. ling - are you referring to this wallet? i love it and am waitlisted for the black one. :heart:

    but at 1400+ after tax...well, i'm not sure that i'll want to pay that for a little wallet!! we'll see how much i REALLY love it after i have it in my hands! :drool:
    Chanel Wallet.JPG
  4. 1400.00 for a wallet - for heaven's sake - that is crazy!!:tdown:
  5. Cute wallet, but that's a LOT of money for something so small.
  6. looks beautiful enough to double as a clutch to me.
  7. beautiful wallet but..the price tag , wow!
  8. That is so cute!
  9. It looks beautiful but the price is expensive for a wallet. Does anyone know if it comes with a long chain?
  10. it comes with a chain, but the SA wasn't able to tell me how long it is
  11. the chain is as long as the caviar chain wallet. It's long enough to go crossbody or doubled up as a shoulder bag. i'm waiting for the dark silver color...so excited! I saw it today at the trunk show. It fits like 8 credit cards, has a zipper slot, can fit a cellphone, a few makeup items, and ipod...i think you should check out the caviar chain wallet for a better idea because it actually holds more than it looks since it kinda expands a bit (definitely holds more than the tiny classic flap!). oh so cute with the mm clasp even though it isn't functional (i was trying to turn it like the idiot i was and the SA laughed and said it's a snap closure. haha)
  12. wow kaori! knowing that makes the purchase much more compelling!
  13. i love the design, but not the price. I rather buy a petit shopping tote for that price or another bag.
  14. I love it! But I don't like the idea of paying too much just for a wallet. And besides, it has a strap, right?! I think it is so bothering to see a wallet with a strap.. But I love the color and the style though...
  15. wow!very cute wallet!