wut do u think of python/snakeskin?

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  1. i always love to own one of them. but they r so delicate...can i use python tote for everyday use?
  2. I have a non Chanel python purse and I think it's uber durable for everyday use.:tup:
  3. I don't think I would use an exotic bag daily. It's just too much wear and tear for a delicate skin. Especially when it's so precious and expensive!!
  4. Most of the pythons I love. However, the black that is currently available does nothing for me simply because the texture is lost in the black. However, the jumbo red is tdf and there are other color offerings that draw my attention. I agree -- pythons are not an every day bag. You want to keep the scales from getting curled.
  5. I have owned many python bags over the years and I have never babied them, I have never had a problem. I think the skins are very durable.
  6. Hopefully Larkie or Maxter will come by and read your thread. They should be able to tell you all about the durability of the leather.
  7. i would say go for it.

    i have a few python goods.
    they are durable besides being exotic/sexy. the scale surface can be a bit headache depends on how you gonna use it (not friendly with delicate chiffon dress)...i have not used my bags often and i have not worn my shoes out either(not i dont want to...) i used a wallet made of python for quite a while, it seemed fine(..it even took in my hand lotion as i smelt the same scent from the wallet)

    i am sure Lakie would explain it better.
  8. LOL! Saw the thread and HAD to post. I too used to be under the impression that python was very delicate. Then I met the Nancy Gonzalez specialist at NM and she explained to me that they are NOT delicate at all. Python is very durable and you can carry it in a downpour and not worry at all! She had an NG soft python tote in her hand and was squishing and twisting it and I almost fainted. But she showed me how durable the scales are. I don't know about you but whenever it rains I am always a bit in a panic depending upon which bag I have!

    I try to use mine as more of a "statement" bag, you know, when you go out for a fun night and aren't too blinged up so that the bag really stands out! But, alas, I am often too busy (read: lazy) to change bags and will end up using mine for a week or so! It kind of looks cool with just jeans and a nice T!

    I had mine reconditioned this year and it looks even better than when I first bought it. The colors came thru so rich.


  9. maxter, I love your bag! it's beautiful!
  10. i like the color, maxter. its pretty!
  11. Omg, maxter... they did an AMAZING job reconditioning your bag. The color is GORGEOUS!

    and to the o.p. I think snakeskin is gorgeous, I can't imagine that it'd be THAT delicate, although I'd still baby and take care of mine because they all cost a pretty penny!
  12. I have got the first Python bag..with Denim....

    I love it!
  13. maxter that is soooo pretty :drool:

    i say go for it... python is very strong!!
  14. Maxter the purse is divine and I want one!!!!!

    Could you please tell me where you got it re-conditioned. Was it Chanel or some other place? I will file this for the future.

    Thanks so much.