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  1. Has anyone tried Wunderbrow? Here is the link: www.wunderbrow.com

    My mom actually recommend that i tried it due to the fact that I have zero hair at the end of my eyebrow due to over plucking. I've been looking for a way to fill in my eyebrows more permanently than just daily. I tattooed my eyebrow twice but it hurts and it's expensive.

    Beside Wunderbrow, anyone has a good suggestion for my eyebrow woes?
  2. Im keen to see answers too.
  3. Me too

  4. I just got my Wunderbrow from Amazon yesterday. I'll try it out this weekend when I have a little more time and let you know the results!
  5. I use it - before then, I was stuck using Mac Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked, which had been my HG for many, many years. Then Amazon had a new year offer for Wunderbrow, so I bit the bullet and bought it. Now, I wouldn't go back.

    I have the darkest shade as I have mid brown hair and had read online that the lighter shades colours can be a bit strange. It really works for me - I think it's called Black/Brown which sounded a bit scary, but it's actually a nice chocolate shade.

    The trick is to use a really fine brush, not the one in the tube - I use an eyeliner brush. Then after about 30 seconds, brush your brows with a spoolie brush to soften the lines.

    It's great, it doesn't budge all day, although I'm yet to have it last overnight, like it claims to be able to do.
  6. My daughter tried it and liked it.
  7. Ok so today was my first trial and it actually wasn't that hard to use. It is a gel like consistency so it took awhile to figure out the strength needed to draw eyebrows I'm. Definitely don't use a heavy hand, use light strokes.

    I also bought the black/brown and I am so glad I did. I almost went with the brunette as that is the color I usually use for other eyebrow pencil but the black/brown was a darker brown but once dry it definitely is lighter in color.

    Also I must say you have to use a really thin brush (and not the brush that it comes with)and fix your mistakes as soon as possible because it does dry quick.

    As for staying power, I purposely washed my face like I normally would and scrubbed my eyes and eyebrows and some of it did come off. But some is still on my eyebrow and you can definitely tell my eyebrow isn't as bare as it normally is.

    I am going to definitely keep using it and try to perfect the shape. I think this product definitely has potential especially if you are going for a swim and doesn't want to come out of the pool with little to no eyebrow.