WTS WTT forum private access?

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  1. Hi mods,

    WTS/WTT is one of the sites I visit the most - but I am no longer allowed to view it as it says Private viewing. May I get an update to any rule changes here?

  2. me too please!
  3. thanks
  4. I think it's kind of dumb. Anyone can make 75 posts and then go in and try to market their goods in the seller louge
  5. I think its kind of silly. Im afraid that there will now be unecessary posts flooding the forums so people can get in there.
  6. it does seem silly at first glance and especially when you log on to find the threads locked even for viewing but after thinking it over - it makes sense to have some sort of security filter (spammers and trolls won't bother making 75 posts - it's prob too hard for them)...
  7. What about the people such as myself who like to look to buy things in the WTS forum. I don't have a store that I need to promote. Just because their are a few people that do, everyone else should suffer. Moreover, I've noticed people trying to promote their stores in the WTS that have well over the 75 posts. If they don't do it in there, I'm sure they will find another way.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.