WTS Forum Trades?

  1. How have you guys been managing trades? Do you feel safe trading with a poster who isn't a regular here?
  2. i haven't traded anything yet but i have sold stuff and i'm extremely paranoid about the non-regulars (sorry :sad2:smile:........whenever someone i don't recognize PM's me an offer i tend to go back and see what they've posted and how frequently, how long they've been a member, etc just to feel a little more secure
  3. I agree, I'd be VERY wary of someone I didn't automatically recognize. You guys have NO idea how many threads we delete everyday by people who register then automatically post a WTS/WTT/WTB thread.
    That said, it'd be interesting to hear about from people who've done it.
    Like who sends it first . . . .?
  4. Yeah... I would send items similtaneously with a regular member but I was asked for a trade by someone with 1 post and a very generic screen name that didn't indicate she was planning to stick around to become a regular. NOTHING wrong with that, I bet she's a really decent, wonderful person! I'm just a little wary, that's all. I figure we have lots of lurkers who will become regulars but those few bad apples...
  5. I'd be too skeered! ;)
  6. funny ya brought this up INTL..I was thinking the same thing..I definately do not feel comfortable with buying from people with limited posts that I am not too familiar with. I also do a "background" check with posts LOL..I hope ya'll know me! :biggrin:
  7. I have not traded but I have bought and sold. Every transaction so far has been great. Maybe someone I sold a bag to will vouch for me??
  8. Hey Becca! Of course we all know you!

    I'm not really hestitant to buy or sell with anyone whose username I immediately recognize.
  9. i hope people recognize my username even tho it's totally generic :sad2:.......honeslty i just use this username cuz i can't deal with remember more than one :smile:
  10. honestly, not only would i not trade with someone whose username i didn't immediately recognize, i probably wouldn't trade with someone whose first name i couldn't associate with that sn. it's a much riskier transaction than selling, i'd have to be super familiar with the member to consider it.
  11. Maybe it's becaus I am still relatively new here, but I feel much more comfortable buying from a member here than on ebay. At least I know people here appreciate the bags and hate fakes like I do.

    But of course, I do also look for usernames that I can recognize as well. I don't make many posts but I felt like I got to know many members here through their words in the posts and would definitely trust them because of our common passion to bags.
  12. Definietly scary to buy/sell/trade from a member you don't recognize. I go on this site ALOT! However, I post on threads that interest me. Hope you guys notice me around! heheh
  13. Would it be useful to start a "thank yous" thread to document sales and trades and such? That way we could have a record of people who are consistently buying and selling, like on eBay. And I'd like a thread to say thank you to the great buyers and sellers I've found on Purseforum :smile:
  14. IMHO, you need to know someone very well to do a trade with them. If there is no money changing hands, there is no protection through a credit card or paypal. You could very well ship your item and they might not ship theirs. If I were trading with someone I didn't know very well, I would suggest we both pay for each other's item through paypal. That way, we would both have the protection (and record) of a transaction. ;)
  15. That's a great idea, I would love to see a feedback forum, like how they do it over at howardforums !