WTM/ WTM midi wine pebbled glossy bespoke - Any interest?

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  1. Hey Vixnkitten why not get a wtm in wine pebbled the style really suits the leather and it must be good cos Jackies getting one!
  2. Hee hee you girls are good! Everyone has a great selling point! Well I tried the large HM and loved it! If I get my WTM in pewter and love it AND if I decide on one wine/purplish bag, I might just go this route. Just wish I had samples of the WPG and aubergine in hand. It would be a lot easier to make a decision that way!
  3. The only thing I would say in favour of the wine pebbled is I have a black wtm midi and through it around and it still looks brand new whereas my sheen leathers have all marked with use particularly the petrol!
  4. It is interesting that you say that about Petrol Glossy. I am finding it worse than Wine Glossy. My Choco Pebbled is also doing well.
  5. Yes I love the pebbled leathers - I also bought a brown pebbled take me away in the sample sale and we went on holiday where it got drenched but it was as good as new!
  6. I want another pebbled glossy bag but I really need a new style. I am getting too many of the drawstring top type of bags. They are starting to bore me.
  7. What about a MMS I think I saw a black pebbled one posted somewhere!
  8. Hahaha - that is how I know that Petrol gets damaged - I have a Petrol MMS Midi. I like the bag except for the 2 straight lines of leather on the front. For some reason they spoil the bag for me.
  9. [​IMG]So I found this picture of what Prada is calling wine. Do you think our BE wine will look like this!? My scanner torqued the pixels in the picture for some reason, but I thought this might help anyway.

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