WTM/ WTM midi wine pebbled glossy bespoke - Any interest?

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  1. I may actually go for a full size in this leather/style as it will slouch perfectly.

    Is anyone else joining this one?
  2. Contessa......WTM or large HM....that is my dilemma!!! Convince me!
  3. I'm going to hold off on this bespoke for now. I want to see the new hobo before making a decision.
  4. I'm going to pass on this - I'm thinking about a WTM in aubergine instead.....sorry ladies.
  5. You've read my mind!!!!

    WTM in Aubergine anyone????? :graucho:
  6. Cr*p I'm just going to follow you guys around like a lemming!
  7. Vix,
    I gave it a lot of thought and I decided that I could definitely use the aubergine WTM now and throughout the summer, whereas the vibe I get off the WPG leather is more fall/winter. So I'd like to get the Aubergine WTM now, and then get the WPG bag sometime mid/late summer. I wonder if Jackie would let us put a deposit down now on the WPG but hold off the final delivery till say...July/August. IF not...then I will pass on the WPG now and take my chances for fall....but in the meantime, I'll be looking forward to the aubergine!:yahoo:

  8. I placed my deposit.
  9. I have been thinking about this and I wonder if it is more an Autumn/Fall bag as Bali says - we haven't got the required 8 for this yet so maybe we should think about doing it end of summer.
  10. Breaking news..... Jackie has said she will go ahead with WTM wine glossy with only 6 as she is going to probably going to get one! I will start a new thread for the definates!!
  11. you are reading my mind about the season to wear this bag and the timing of ordering!! I am thinking of the hug me but there are more timely bags I could be shelling out for now, so to speak.
  12. yeah but if you buy now you get the leather plus 10% off and who knows if/when prices may go up!!
  13. ....good points, rosie!! hmmmm

    I might regret it when BE runs out of the wine leather.
  14. Mind you Im not suggesting you overstretch yourself Euridice there will always be new bags new leathers.......
  15. Well I gotta say-I still want a WPG in a large HM. I know it is more of a fall bag but if there are people over on the WPG HM thread I might just go with that bespoke and then an aubergine WTM.