WTM/ WTM midi wine pebbled glossy bespoke - Any interest?

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  1. Okay, I love this leather but my heart is saying LM midi:heart:

    Do you think that the WTM style is better for this leather? Or is it more that you are wanting a bag in this style? I know this leather will be great for nearly every design!
  2. I have a black pebbled WTM midi and the leather is great in this style - very edgy and stylish. The leather is pretty weather proof so I wear my WTM in rain messanger style and contents remain dry.
    I love the love me too ( and have a purple LMMidi -but wonder whether it is best in the sheen/glossy leathers as I see it as a more ladylike Bag IMO

    Get which one you prefer i am sure they will both be lovely probably the love me is a less casual bag - it depends what you are lookng for!!
  3. Hi ladies. So to clarify, do we have enough people who have confirmed their interest to start putting down deposits? I really would like the 10% off!
  4. No we dont have 8 confirmed yet!
  5. My personal opinion is that the WTM/WTMidi in the pebbled glossy is better in this style, but I can see how loved the LM is too!
  6. Bump!

    I do seriously want this bag! We need 8!
  7. Ok so far we have 5/6 definates:
    1- Rosie07 - blue lining silver hardware WTM midi
    2- Clu0984
    3- Sandysandiego
    4- Contessa
    5- CaliBagGal
    6. Zinister ( if march April)
    7. starsnhevn?
    9. Baligirl??

    Does this mean we are nearly there??
  8. Looks like we're ready to go!!! I've placed my deposit, so this better get off the ground!!!!! :wtf:
  9. Contessa what colour hardware, lining are you going for??
  10. 6 definates:
    1- Rosie07 - blue lining silver hardware WTM midi
    2- Clu0984
    3- Sandysandiego
    4- Contessa
    5- CaliBagGal
    6. Zinister

    Just need 2 more!!
  11. I will think about this over the weekend and will likely join you on Monday after some thinking :smile:
  12. I'm doing silver with this one and I *think* robin's egg blue lining!

    Bali Girl, are you on board for this one????
  13. Contessa it is looking hopeful there are couple of people deciding over weekend. e mailed Jackie and she said she thought the bag would be gorgeous in this style and leather!!!!

    Anyone else interested???
  14. I really wish that this bag comes though for you. It is a wonderful leather!
    I do have a Wine WTM and would not like to have a similar coloured bag!
  15. I emailed Jackie: going with gold hardware and gray lining!