WTM/ WTM midi wine pebbled glossy bespoke - Any interest?

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  1. Now there is interest in a LM wine bespoke! Too many to choose from:confused1:
  2. I know sounds very nice there is something about pebbled glossy and the WTM style that I love - bit edgy!!
  3. Exactly! This bag/style has it all. But I do love the rocker edge!
  4. Hey Contessa you interested in joining bespoke ? Are you persuadable???
  5. Ha Ha!!! My arm can always be twisted! I have a black glossy WTMidi coming my way......so I'm not 100% I need one in Wine, kwim??
  6. So how many people do we have so far?
  7. I know sandy, I KNOW!
  8. So far we have 4 at best:

    1- Rosie07
    2- Clu0984
    3- Sandysandiego ???
    4- Contessa ???

    Anyone else???
  9. Count me in!!!

    1- Rosie07
    2- Clu0984
    3- Sandysandiego ???
    4- Contessa ???
    5- CaliBagGal
  10. If we wait until late March or April, I would be interested in a WTM Midi :yes:
  11. I think late march / april is the earliest we would get it even if we ordered now!!
  12. Contessa I have the black glossy wtm midi and its my favourite bag and Im not that keen on black bags a wine one wold be fab. this is what jackie and rose think:

    "Jackie and I both think the pebbled glossy leathers are quite nice in the large Hug Me style. It could be a bit heavy in the TMA style. Perhaps you might like another WTM instead? They are also rather gorgeous in pebbled glossy"

    So they agree the style is gorgeous in pebbled glossy!!
  13. Ladies any thoughts on lining colour what about the pale blue or do you think traditional pink is best??
  14. I am still pondering the Hug Me and think that I will go for a blue lining if I do place an order.
  15. yes I think blue will contrast really well against the wine - sure you dont want a WTM Jenova change of style..................!