WTM/ WTM midi wine pebbled glossy bespoke - Any interest?

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  1. Just posting to see if anyone else is interested in a pebbled wine glossy bespoke in a WTM /WM midi . I have this style in a black pebbled glossy and the leather really suits the bag.
  2. Totally interested in the regular size for this; but i may have to wait a while (ie: end of March/ April)
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    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    I dont think thats a problem as if we ordered it today the earliest would be end march/april - we just need to recruit enough people.
  4. Just to show how great this style look in pebbled glossy leather Ive posted a few piccies!

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  5. I have always been more of a silver girl, but that gold hardware really stands out! It would be pretty with the wine pebbled glossy!
  6. I'm ok with either gold or silver hardware.
  7. I think that for the Bespokes each person can choose her hardware. Both would look great!
  8. Are you interested in joining us???
  9. I cannot commit just yet. I have 3 BE bags coming in the next month or 2. I will check in next week with a yes or no. This will be an amazing bag!
  10. Only 3????!!!! :roflmfao:
  11. Yes, we will see what the sale brings my way! And I didn't mention other brand bags! :sweatdrop:
  12. well of course not....that's what the other thread is for!
  13. How does the capacity of the full-size WTM compare with that of the LM? Does the WTM have the extra panel pocket like the MMS and TME?
  14. There is a LOT of room in the WTM and yes, it has the hidden panel.

    Love the WTM but very different from the LM.
  15. The WTM is a great bag if you enjoy wearing messanger style bags. Because of its slimness it looks sleek and stylish and not bulky. however it also comes with a padded shoulder strap and handheld straps also. it has been a very popular style because if you check the website both midi and full size are almost completely sold out!