WTM bespoke (choco crash or pewter)

  1. well, belenistas, this crummy Chicago weather (rain and snow and dirty grey snow, slush and salt everywhere) has really had me thinking about larger impervious bags that also help dispell some winter gloominess. So, I've been thinking about crash leathers. I'm hoping it's not just me that doesn't have a WTM, but has been longing for one, and that there are others who'd be interested in a 2nd (or even a 3rd WTM!)

    I'm looking for a large versatile bag that can be worn in a variety of ways, hold a little or a lot, and could also hold a computer and other bits and pieces.

    I am thinking about a bespoke for a WTM in Choco Crash or Pewter Crash, so if you're interested, write down which color you're interested in, and I'm presuming it could be either a regular size or a midi (both sizes as in previous bespokes.)
  2. I'm a maybe on a choco crash. Not sure of the color.
  3. Jenny,
    I've got the WTM in Choco Crash and think its a great bag. It holds everything because of its size, the Choco Crash is a beautiful, dressy color and holds up really well. Style and leather combined make for a great stylish bag!!
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    Bali_Girl, I know you do! Yours are some of the photos that made me want this bag!! Let me attach some pics of yours and several more to hopefully entice other belenistas....How can you live without this bag?? Look how great the midi looks on Jackie (last pic!)!!
    BaliGirlWTMchococrash.jpg BaliGirlWTMchococrash2.jpg BrownWTM.jpg WTMmidichococrash.jpg WTMmidichococrashWorn.jpg
  5. Here's one more, of a full size WTM, worn:
    (well, now I've convinced myself, I think!! )
  6. I might be in on a midi in the choco - what month are you thinking? The later the better for me to be in.

    I got to borrow my friend's regular and it is beatiful! The regular is a large bag!
  7. And when circoit was advising me, here's what she said:

    "I have a chocolate crash WTM and I have to say it is the best style to showcase this color, hands down. I have a MMS midi in chocolate crash and its pretty, but it doesn't turn heads like the WTM. And - I have a matte dark grey WTM, which is pretty, too - but if I had to give one up and keep one, I would keep the chocolate crash.

    Don't get me wrong, dark grey matte is one of my top two leathers from BE and I wouldn't mind having several bags in that color, but I cannot even begin to tell you how pretty my chocolate crash WTM is (I have a purple crash WTM midi, which I love, but I prefer the chocolate). Its that sensational.

    So, if you want something in chocolate crash, the WTM is, IMO, the best. You can save the more "seasonless" colors for other styles or other bags - the chocolate crash was made for the WTM."
  8. I don't really care when, as long as jackie doesn't run out of choco crash; I can could find out from jackie how late it could be. I know the large is large (and, I'm GLAD to hear that it's large), but i am a big bag gal: no midis for me (well, maybe just for an evening out without kiddies)!
  9. Jenny, I know that choco crash is running out. You may want to do sooner than later, altho I and others seem to be wanting to do sooner than later since we all are doing bespokes like crazy haha!
  10. Yep......I second Maya's comments.

    Choco crash is like the Plum......once it's gone, it's GONE!!! :wtf:

    I would definitely do this one sooner for that reason alone. You never know who's ordering individual bespokes behind the scenes. Your deposit/order confirms your bag. Keep in mind that plum crash is a thing of the past.....to be enjoyed only on the limited handbags produced.

    Just sayin'! ;)
  11. Okay then, so I'll do it now!

    Should I choose choco crash Large Hug Me or choco crash WTM??????
  12. Choc crash WTM. honestly, my friend has this bag and its sensational. you can't beat the combination of this style and this colour.
  13. So then, pinkdiamond, wanna join in?:yes:
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    Anyone that's interested, I'm going to go ahead this afternoon, and place an deposit for an individual bespoke for a WTM in choco crash. Mayajuliana and sandysandiego, it doesn't seem there's enough interest for a full-on group bespoke, so I'm going to go ahead and the individual bespoke. If a bunch of you rally and would like to join in (how can you resist, look below!!!,) I'll change, but otherwise will place my deposit this afternoon.
    BaliGirlWTMchococrash.jpg BrownWTM.jpg WTMmidichococrashWorn.jpg
  15. Just one last thought, any opinions about choco crash WTM versus TME???