1. holy @@#%#$% !!!!

    thats all i can say
  2. Oh geez...someone is waiting for a millionaire to come along
  3. Hope he gets no takers at that price. That is just outrageous
  4. WOWOW!

    I only sold my gold one for $500 total!!!

    Also I don't think they get much business with all there markups.
  5. WOW!! :wtf:

    That is WAY, WAY, WAY, over priced.

    I wonder why they always list their auctions at such a high prices .... :confused1:
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. i was wondering about that too! everytime i check out eBay, if i see it's their item, i just skip right by since i know i won't be able to afford it :crybaby:
  8. What's the actual retail price?
  9. $385. They're gotta be kidding me. I'll be super lucky for selling my other heart (because I can't afford it) at $450.
  10. This was the first one on eBay when they came out. It'll probably be the last too, judging by that price.
  11. NFW, that is just down right greedy and highway robbery IMO.
  12. I've seen their auctions before, and their prices are always outrageous.
  13. ditto
  14. yeah, maybe they think kimora lee simmons gets her lv on eBay....