WTH w/ Ebay buyers?! I hate fickle buyers!

  1. Ok,

    So I sold a pair of my Chanel sunglasses to fund another bag. I emailed the seller today to ask her if she received them. She emailed me back and said she received them a few days ago but she expected the frames and the packaging to be a little newer?! WTF>?!:cursing: I attached plenty of pics in the eBay listing and also told her they were only from the spring/summer '06 line?!!!!! What more does she want. I also said ALL SALES FINAL and she was wondering about a refund.

    I responded that all sales were final and not quite sure what she was expecting since I disclosed these frames were only from last year.

    I'm doing the right thing by holding my ground, right? Makes me not want to sell on eBay anymore!:cursing:
  2. Yes, I cant stand that stuff too. People want brand new for like 5 cents!!!

    Hold your ground! She read the auction and bid, no one forced her to bid. I would just say if she wants new then she should go to Neimans and pay retail where she can try before she buys.

    A girl I know sells jeans and she says people all the time try getting her to give her $ back because things dont fit. She wont do that. Its not fair to the seller.
  3. thanks for your response. Who knows if she's going to give me neg feedback too since she didn't get her way. I was more than cordial yet firm with her but as we all know, that doesn't mean anything unless the other person gets their way. With that said, she might mess up my 100% feedback. Then I'll have to retort and it just gets messy. I just wish people would read auctions thoroughly and actually adhere to certain rules/guidelines set!
  4. Stick to your guns on this one.

    One word of advise (if I may) - maybe you shouldn't email you seller's asking if they've received their items. I find that "no news is good news". She said she received the items "a few days ago". If she REALLY had a problem with the sunglasses, she would've emailed you immediately to resolve it.

    I know that you were just trying to be a good seller and follow up with her but you may have just opened up a can of worms instead by emailing her first. Now, she feels like she can use this opportunity to make a big deal out of something that may not have really been a big deal to her at all. KWIM? If she asks for a partial refund, then you'll know for sure she's just trying to take advantage of you.

    Good luck!

  5. Makes sense..never thought of that before! :idea: Thanks much! I'll keep that in mind SHOULD I ever decide to sell again.
  6. Oh sorry to hear that! eBay can be soooo weird! I have had real winners bidding & buying my stuff lately too. Must be something in the water!

    OT but, I love your Jim & Pam avavtar! I love that show!:yes:
  7. ^^lol..haha! Thanks! My DH doesn't know it but Jim Halpert is my "other" DH! :lol:
  8. UGH! I hear ya. I have a Cartier bag listed right now and this buyer keeps making these really low offers. Then she wants me to tell her that I will pay her shipping cost to return it if it is not authentic, which it is authentic. My listing states that refunds are less shipping the shipping charges. Her final offer was really snotty and said that it was her final offer and that if the bag is not authentic, the SELLER will pay the shipping charges to return the item. Her last offer was just as ridiculous as the first two offers she made, but I love the way she was telling me what I was going to do...Needless to say her final offer was declined. Gotta love it!:cursing: