WTH?! Variations in CS Reps....

  1. So I know I've said "I would never pay retail since the outlets have been getting such great stuff in":amuse: However, my little Coach obsession has kicked into overdrive:blush: this week and I'm panicking the new Patent POND Ergos are going to sell out - which they obviously will and won't ever make it to the outlets - So I decide to go ahead and call and order one; I have a Bday coming up in a few months...:p
    ANYWAY, I call and ask for these items in this order:

    Large tote 11336
    Large Hobo 11009
    Medium Hobo 11623
    Medium tote 11012

    She tells me the first one has no "backorder" date and she can't place that order. (So that kinda confirms what another very nice CS rep told me about the Pond Large Tote being cancelled) She asks me where I got this number from and I told her a purse website.
    So I ask about the Large Hobo #11009 and she said she has white and 1 black. Again, nothing on Pond.
    Okay, I decide to go with what's available and since I already have an Ergo tote I'll get the hobo. I give her the item number and all is well but then I think to myself which one is more limited in quantity? I should get that one first in case I change my mind and want whichever one I didn't order (this happens to me often) but that one sells out sooner b/c it was more limited. So I ask her which one is more limited in stock. She tells me they have plenty of both but can't give me specific numbers. :shrugs: huh? I didn't know that was a secret as I've had people give me specifics before. And everyone has made a point to mention how "limited" the quantities will be with these Patent Pond Ergos.

    Now I've called and spoken to the "blah" CS rep who sounds like they're half asleep and then I've spoken to the super nice peppy rep who is very willing to share info. What gives?

    Anyway, thanks for reading my LONG rant. :rant: I feel better after typing it out.

    BTW, I chose NOT to place my order with her (in case there is some sort of sales credit for the rep). I'll call back and give my order to someone nicer.:smile:
  2. Wow, good info to know! Thanks for forwarding/sharing! It does appear that not all SA's know stuff consistently across the board.
  3. Sorry to hear that this CS was a little less than helpful :s Come on, I have had them tell me EXACTLY how many are left! I really liked the pond tote but I wanted a large one.. I'm bummed that they have been axed. I think the hobo will be pretty!! go for the hobo!!

    I would have gone for the large hobo.. but if the medium is all they have it will be fabulous too!!
  4. wasn't there a post somewhere saying how many pond ergos they were producing? i can't remember what it was called.

    is everyone thinking these will be gone before the next PCE?
  5. I have that happen all the time when I call JAX.. I will talk to someone that says they cannot give an exact number out.. although if I ask or get into it they will usually say things like less than 500 or more than 1,000, etc.... then I call right back and ask the next person the exact thing and they give me an exact number. :rolleyes: It is frustrating but I always get someone that can tell me for sure. :yes:
  6. Personally I have totally and completely given up on the Corp CS. Not one of them can give me a straight story. I have decieded they do a whole lot of gussing and at times can be super lazy:cursing: I have decided I dont even want the pond ergo any more because of the constant run around. Im completely turned off of it now. 2 days ago I called to order a large white patent hobo........CS-"Sorry they're no longer avail and will not be made again" What BS.......Sheesh, they told you they have one. Luckily I found a beauty of a white patent on eBay for less that half of the price. Moral of the story.........99.9% of the time Jax sucks! I totally hope you get your pond patent ergo though!:yes:
  7. Do you have a Coach store nearby? One of my SAs told me last week that they were able to order the new pond ergos now (its not my color, so I didnt order one) and they could probably work w/CS to get you the correct info. Plus then you wont have to pay shipping. If you dont have a store nearby, then I see why you are getting frustrated dealing over the phone.
  8. ^^
    I do have a store nearby but if I order this Pond Ergo it will be the 4th bag I've ordered this week.:shame: I cannot keep all of them but each one is somewhat limited and I suddenly HAD to have it!!

    First item - Patent Red Ergo Tote

    Second item - Heritage Stripe Med Tote in Pink (this I actually got from the store yesterday. I didn't post pics b/c there have already been so many posted. And this one is pretty certain to go back. I don't do signature usually but I caught the wave on this one but I don't think it's going to work for me.)

    Third item - Hamptons Leather Embossed Satchel in Blue Someone on here actually bought this one a few months ago and posted pics but I think they were going to return it. Well I picked up the Hamptons Satchel at the store yesterday and LOVED it but wasn't into the colors offered. It's a lovely shape AND it can go on my shoulder. Well since I didn't love the colors I remembered this one... My order is pending. They are showing one available so I'm holding my breath waiting to see if they'll find it so that my order will go through.

    Fourth item and Fifth Item- Patent Pond tote and hobo - haven't ordered either yet but if I do I will probably go ahead and get both so I can see them and decide.

    Basically, I'm embarrassed to order soo much and then have to turn around and return at least three, KWIM? So I like the anonymity of the phone.:sneaky:
  9. I understand!! Let us know how you make out w/the ordering!
  10. Me, Me! I have the blue Hampton's satchel! I kept it! And I love it! Plus I'm such a snob that I like knowing that I have one of only a few of this one! LOL! I was unsure of it at first but turns out I am more of a Hampton's girl that I thought!! I hope it come in for you!!

    And I understand about returning a lot of bags! I don't have a store closeby and have to order sight unseen so I unfortunately end up doing lots of returns. I hate to do it that way but I really don't have much choice at this point. As long as you have tags attached and the receipts you should be fine even though it can be a bit embarrassing. Let us know what you end up with!
  11. I feel your pain. I have ordered WAY too much in the last 6 weeks, and 4 in the last 2 weeks. I wouldn't dare list them all in one posting because I would feel compelled to take more than half back.

    Let us know which ones you decide to keep and I always appreciate side-by-side comparisons :smile::tup::tup::tup:
  12. my sister ordered the new patent large hobo yesterday, because she liked my mahogany one. The style number for the new large hobo is not the same. The old style number is 11009. The new one, was 116** something. They told her only brown was available at this time in it.
  13. They made a white patent bag? Do share!
  14. My SA also said there is no information listed next to the large ergo... So he told me to check with the Dept Stores - it might be being made for them.
  15. ^^^
    ahhhh, interesting! thanks, noshoe!