WTH ! ? Red zipper in a denim bag ?

  1. O geez, I may return this.
    I just got this bag. It is the denim and I ordered it with the natural leather trim ( it was available in natural,red,mustard or brown leather trim). I cannot believe they put a RED zipper in the denim bag. Wouldn't you think they would have put a denim colored matching zipper in an all denim bag ? ! I could maybe see them putting the red zipper in the red leather trim bag but in the natural ? What do you think ? I think it detracts from the class of the bag..
    Dooney b.jpg
  2. Dooney does colorful zips. I have a denim with black trim, now I need to go check the zipper, (can't remember what color it is) I know the lining on my denim bag is red.
  3. I used my denim bag today. The trim and straps are natural leather. The zipper fabric is red as is the lining. I think it looks great!
  4. I like the contrasting zipper but if you are in doubt return it and get something you will be happy with.