WTH! Patent Gallery Tote in Pond?

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    When did this come out??? why didn't i get a memo???!!!

    I mean, the gallery is old, but the patent pond is new

    Anyone see this @ the outlet??!!

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  2. I have only seen this on Macys.com , I really like it
  3. someone on here got it recently - i remember remarking in her post how pretty it is.
  4. they have BERRY!!!! Oh no!!! I have to call Coach tomorrow!!! was it ever released on Coach.com???
  5. You know what - I did see that very bag today at the Grove City outlets (about 1 hour north of Pittsburgh, PA)!
  6. the trim is super nice ..
  7. I have seen those at my Macys. Very pretty.
  8. This is a new bag so if one is not returned to a outlet you won't be able to find one there. Its not the same as last years Gallery tote. These are Patent!
  9. There was one released at the end of last year in blue trim, those might be at the outlet. It's a very pretty color.

    The current one is patent - same light blue color, but it's different bag. :tup:
  10. i think these were a department store exclusive.
  11. ^ You're right - I think they were at Nordies and Macys
  12. if they are a department store exclusive would them still sell them via Jax? Because I called yesterday and they said I could order it from them
  13. Yes, these bags are department store exclusives. But you can definetely order them from JAX, I ordered my khaki/pond patent the other day. It should be here any time.