WTH - no heart purse until 1/8?

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  1. I just called Ala Moana and they said Monogram Multicolor Heart Purse is being released tomorrow and Vernis won't be sold until the 8th. WTH $&#* is this!?
  2. Oops - meant 2/8 in the subject line. :p Month behind!
  3. My store hasnt received all of the valentines pieces yet, maybe that's whats going on?
  4. Maybe it is because they sold the other shipment of vernis back in December? Are you planning on being at Ala Moana at 8 when they open? Did you waitlist anything? I won't be able to go until maybe Friday and if not then later next week. If you go let me know what they had in store.
  5. Yeah! My SA is calling me tomorrow morning! She refused to tell me what they will be unveiling...but I am sure it will be good!
  6. I just called on Tuesday and they hadn't received some of their Feb 1 launch items. I was wondering if they would receive them in time.
  7. Riley:

    I'm on the WL for the red vernis one... they have my credit card info for it so it should be held for me (I hope!). Someone else on here posted that even though they already (accidentally) sold their shipment of heart purses, they're getting more in for the launch... The SA made it sound like *every* LV was pushing Vernis Heart Purse back to the 8th... I think she was just full of crap tbqh. Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow to see what's going on in person. :sad:
  8. I know that *every* LV is NOT pushing the Vernis heart purse back to the 8th. I was in the Portland LV store today. I saw my Pomme heart purse and was assured that I could pick it up tomorrow.
  9. Ugh. Maybe if I go there and raise hell tomorrow they will let me have it. :crybaby: I've been looking forward to this for weeks...!
  10. I hope my store will call me tomorrow.
  11. Yeah I'm guessing it's because they already sold one shipment...
  12. My store only got ONE MC Coeur in. ONE? HTH?
  13. Good luck! I didn't waitlist for the heart and now I am regreting it BUT if I am realitic with myself I know that I don't really need it (grinding my teeth). I dropped a lot of hints to my DH but he ended up getting me the Framboise Agenda and cles for valentine's day. Another TPFer from Hawaii actually waitlisted for the heart in December and got called by Ala Moana when they sold the first shipment but she ended up not getting the heart. Anyway, let me know if you stop by the store....I've gotten the Sophie, a Damier Speedy 25, wallet with zip, mono cc holder, pomme cles, and the two framboise pieces since Dec. so I really shouldn't buy any more...and now that I see that in writing I KNOW I CAN'T buy any more :sad: whimpering....

    Anyway, hope you get the heart! And remember Ala Moana opens at 8:00 am!!!! LOL
  14. Riley,

    I didn't call Ala Moana, but I did call Hilton and Waikiki (Michelle is very sweet!). They each only got three of the pomme heart purses. Michelle mentioned that they will definitely get more of the MC purses, but I really love that red! She didn't think that they were going to get anymore of those.:crybaby: but what I've come to realize is that SAs tell you different things all the time.

    I'm so mad at myself for not waitlisting earlier. I talked to one of the SAs at Ala Moana... can't remember her name and she mentioned that the heart purses were all sold out and they weren't getting anymore, so I didn't both waitlisting for it. :cursing: Seriously... I never should have listed to her!

    I've dropped not so subtle hints to my hubby, but he is famous for shopping on the day of the event, so the heart change purse is not in my future. :crybaby:
  15. I spoke to my store yesterday and they said mine was there and ready to be bought tomorrow...well, wait...today! cause it 2:02 am. yay! i hope when i get there they dont say they pushed it back :sad: