WTH? No D-Ring!

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  1. Hate to sound like a total complainer, but how could they take our D-rings away from us?! I just received the Madison convertable, nice bag, and I bought the matching wristlet per usual when I buy a bag, so what am I going to attach it to now? How dare Coach!:rant:
  2. That really stinks.
    I also notice I cant find those snap key fobs anymore
  3. Yeah, I have been disappointed that the d-rings seem to have been discontinued on the newer bags I have purchased. At first I thought it was just with the Poppy line, but my new Madison bags do not have them either. :tdown:
  4. yah i've been p-o'd about this for a while. Makes NO sense!
  5. How long have they deleted the D-ring? The last bag I purchased a couple of months ago was the Alex Embossed Op-Art convertable. They didn't have one on that bag, but I just thought it was just THAT bag, not goodbye D-ring on every bag in the future of Coach!
  6. They took them away a while back. I want to say like a year ago. My Alex tote I bought last November didn't have one.

    BUT, I take a ring off an old keyring (or go buy some cheap ones) and attach it to the "made in china" tag inside. Ta-da! Instant D-ring (uhhh...O-ring?).
  7. lol great idea!!! i dont use my d-ring but good idea for everyone who does. im not sure why they stopped adding them... maybe just another corner cut in production cost.
  8. ^^ You are probably right. But I think a lot of us got used to having them!!! If my purse has a different outside pocket for my keys I use that instead, but for my other purses I like having that ring to clip my keys too so they don't get lost in all my junk....I mean, belongings. ;)
  9. Yeah... I noticed that too.... I was using my old Gallery tote yesterday bc of the rain (oh LA) and I realized none of my newer bags came with one....
  10. It's a bummer about the d-ring, but other than that, what do you think of the bag? I am considering getting one (can't decide between the purple and green!).
  11. I use D-ring a lot. It's totally a bummer not having it.
  12. I bought the black one, has pretty red lining. It looks different than other Coach bags because of the rouching at the bottom I thought unusual, (I've never seen it before, maybe not new?) It's very roomy, very light, lies flat against the body, tho' a bit "taller" than average, doesnt hang low, unless you use the crossbody strap, slouches nicely with my stuff in it. Maybe leather is slightly thinner than, say the Sabrina when Madison collection first came out, but still very nice, leather has a nice sheen to it. I bought it because it's similar to Hailey, which I love and have that one in brass/plum and silver/black, and I wanted a similar bag in black with the brass hardware.
  13. My last bag purchase that had a D-ring was my Cambridge Alexa. Don't know if there was a more recent line that had them. Even my large Cambridge clutch has a D-ring! I don't like that the newer bags don't have them =/
  14. I'm also upset about the no d-ring thing! All of my coach except my newer Poppys have d-rings.. and my new spotlight doesn't have a d-ring! You would think for an expensive bag, they would put a d-ring in it!
  15. Love the suggestion of the "O-Ring"! I'll pick up a bunch of the little rings this weekend. Thanks!