WTH? LV Owl?

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  1. whoa.... :s
  2. interesting
  3. Cute.
    Reminds me of those Gucci animal keychains for some reason.
    And yes, this should be in the "Post Fake LV's Here" Topic.
  4. "Hoo" the hell thought this was a good idea?...
  5. Yuck!
  6. The owl looks just as shocked as ourselves :P!
  7. there was an owl part of the 2002 S/S conte de fees collection.
  8. LOL how ugly.

    I love owls though.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! It's "cute": Interesting, but ugly. Love it! :heart:
  10. Love it's eyes. But the whole body is a bit ugly :P
  11. i think the owl is ugly... but that makes her a little bit cute ;)
  12. Cute, but not for me.
  13. ok, I didn't look at the auction first and just the picture and I see it's a craft the person made. I wonder if she cut up her mini monogram bag.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.