wth is coach thinking?!

  1. I was browsing on the coach website and found the "New LEGACY BURNISHED OSTRICH XL SATCHEL" that cost $7000 US DOLLARS!!!! No, i am not JOKING! It is USD that we're talking about, not yuen or yan.

    The style itself looks alright to me, but the price is a total turnoff!:tdown: I mean, is true that recently coach has been pretty popular in the past few years, but i think that they're going too far with the prices. I could easily purchase a used car with excellent condition with that amount of money! Coach really needs to think twice in the near future.:cursing:

    link below is click able.

  2. I saw that earlier. I love Coach, but I agree, they're going waaay too far with the prices on some of this stuff. Plus, it does leave me to wonder, who would buy it? I mean, in order for some of these prices to be so high it makes me think someone's buying something that expensive, but, uh, who? Maybe due to lack of sales on such high priced items, they'll stop the madness.
  3. I'm guessing that the demand for coach bags are getting higher that's probably why all these crazy prices are popping up.

    But hey, i would rather split that amount of money and purchase many Louis Vuitton bags! Or many many many coach bags!!!! :graucho:
  4. wow, the price certainly does not match the bag. but im sure that some rich crazy lady will buy the purse
  5. I wonder who would be the first person on tpf to get this bag. Hopefully nobody, cause honestly i don't think its worth the price.
  6. I saw that too. But really 7,000 dollars for that bag, too much money in my opinion. I love it when Coach was more affordable! lol! Hey, I guess I have to keep on saving, they keep making more beautiful things, too bad this bag isn't!
  7. So, for OSTRICH its worth it. But, honestly since it comes with the price tag of $7,000 and a name like COACH. I wouldnt ever spend that kind of money on it. Coach isnt even considered "high end" by most people.
  8. Oh, BTW this makes me wonder if that "Alligator" wallet really is Ostrich??
  9. You're right! Just like some lady bought that FUGLY LV patchwork bag that was $52,000, there will be people to buy this too. Coach's exotic bags do sell out. When money is no object, you can buy what you want. I doubt seriously if they care what people think (especially the whole "is it high end" mentality). LOL
  10. this is not their first ostrich bag they've done. the store I work for sold an ostrich bag last year when the first ones came out at $4000. It just depends on the buyer. When a buyer has an unlimited bank account, they'll buy what they want.
  11. It would be insane if Coach stopped making lower priced items, and started making only the more expensive ones. Then we'd have something to complain about. The fact that they're making a couple higher end bags with higher end materials doesn't affect us though, does it? I mean, who cares if they make a $7000 bag? The people who buy it will be happy with it, and the rest of us will just go on thinking they're nuts, just like our friends and family think we're nuts for buying the things that we do.
  12. Coach makes them because they sell. I heard that one year they made limited blue jeans (no idea what they looked like) for a lot of money and they sold out. Every time that they make those big expensive bags they sell. Perhaps that is why they are trying to move up to a higher end brand.
  13. Hey, with that money I would buy a birkin bag all the way!
  14. The expression of status through brand isn't as important to those who really have umlimited funds, though. They buy what they like and don't think, "Well, I'd rather have LV" because they can have that, too.

    Like others have said, these bags sell out, so SOMEONE is buying them. It isn't me, but it clearly is a profitable business model for them to be making some limited, high-end items.
  15. Celebrities will probably buy them-- and then leave the Lily and Miranda to us! We can only hope :nuts: