WTH is a selling LIMIT? and when does it go away!?

  1. Im mad as heck! Why am I "limited" on eBay? What does this mean? When does it get lifted?

    As of now, I am only allowed to sell 20 items and not even one more, and well, Im cleaning out my closet, and 20 items aint cutting it, KWIM!?

    Any advice is very much appreciated!
  2. Are you new to eBay? I am not sure about the answer here...I would ask Live Help.
  3. Never heard of it! hs this ever happened before when you've sold more than 20 items??
  4. Ive had one on my account before, its when you are selling a high amount of designer items, then they limit you. Sometimes the limit isnt lifted for months but I usually e-mail eBay trust and safety and within 3 e-mails they lift it but they have only lifted it once. Not too sure how many times they are allowed to lift it.
  5. There's a selling limit defintiely if you're new, but I haven't heard of one otherwise. But having a limit if you're selling a lot of high end items makes sense, I guess?
  6. I'm a ong time Ebay user with a flawless feedback and i got limited too...Socialite is right,they told me they use this tool to limit designer items sale :yes:
  7. If you usually don't sell LV items (or expensive designer items) and suddenly sell 10, they are suspicious and limit you. You can get around this by listing through auctiva.

    This is to prevent someone from buying wholesale fakes and selling. They assume anyone selling so many suddenly became a reseller.

  8. Same here. I've been selling on ebay for 13 years and about a year ago decided to open a 2nd account for selling only. Well, after cleaning out my closet these past 2 months, I've been listing a lot of Guccis, Chanels, and LVs. My new account has a limit on it so I switched to my old account and found out that I ALSO have a limit on it too. My waiting period is only 7 days but it's still a LONG 7 days. :sad:
  9. This might also be because you have relatively low feedback. When I was a new eBayer, I was not allowed to do dutch auctions, etc.
  10. Email the crap out of them. Do live chat, and keep responding to their emails. I'm a long time eBayer also, and this happened to me, maybe 6 or 7 months ago, and basically I hounded them that I sell only authentic, and the more I list, the more money they get, to stop limiting, and what do you know? I've been listing fine ever since ;)
  11. you should email them and try to get it lifted
    they should be outthere trying to prevent fakes from being sold
  12. Call them and ask them to remove it.
  13. I know everyone suggested to email the crap out of them but I emailed twice, and both times they said "Too bad...you have to wait out the 7 day waiting period". How many emails did you girls send to ebay? I don't think I have the patience to send tons of email everyday.
  14. Seriously - pick up the phone and speak with someone. That is all I did when I started selling and they reviewed my account and removed it. I now list up to 35 bags at a time all MJ - Coach - LV - or Dooney and worth $$$$...
  15. I emailed them too and got mine lifted. I basically told them I was a long time customer 6+ years, etc. and it got lifted! Live help is useless, don't waste your time there.