WTH happened?? Pulse no longer ships to HAWAII??

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  1. Yeah, it's kind of old new already... They weren't supposed to ship to us in the first place because only LeSportsac is supposed to sell tokidoki here (which is why we don't have any at Macy's or other department stores). So along with only LeSportsac selling them, no other source is supposed to sell and ship them here. You figure, if other sources could ship to us here with mainland retail, why would any of us locals pay the jacked up price in Hawaii?
  2. that sucks cuz casey was so cool to all you guys and most of you have bought so much there already!
  3. Yeah. Even though it was posted on her website, she called me to personally tell me.
  4. Hmm, just out of curiousity, how much more do you guys pay in Hawaii for Lesportsac bags? What about the outlet in Waikele? Are there any "real" discounts there since the retail in Hawaii is already so pricey?
  5. Well, the 30% off is off of Hawaii retail... In the end, there still is a discount, but very slight.

    I don't know if there's an exact percentage on the markups... but the Tutti MM I just recently bought was $157 (without tax) where mainland is $130. The caramella djr just got was $83 here in Hawaii, I don't remember the mainland price.

    But everything (except LV, I learned from spacytracy) is marked up in Hawaii. Coach has a 20% markup!!
  6. maya - did they have alot of tutti mm at the store?? I would rather have one of those than a bambinone. Think they might still have them when I get out there the second week of sept?

    any idea when transporto will be there and are they making them in mm, I'd really rather have that one!!
  7. Well, they've gotten a second shipment in already... When I went on the release date, they had about 8 of them but hadn't opened ALL of their boxes yet. I don't know if they'll have them by the 2nd week of September, though...? MM's are a popular style...

    According to the member, LeSportsacStaff, who works here in Hawaii, none of the styles are being discontinued. I didn't ask when they're expecting Trasporto...
  8. I still say do CP requests on LJ but I kinda bombed w/ mine cuz of midterms :cry: I haven't been a good communicator lately
  9. uh.........huh??? :confused1::confused1:
  10. lol... cp=custom purchases; lj=live journal

    I had asked for a hawaii one and I had a volunteer but I haven't gotten back to her
  11. So, are they going to honor the HI girls pre-orders? I'm guessing "no" if they were told by LeSportsac to stop shipping there.

    Tehlilone's suggestion is a good idea as a possible option.
  12. Awww, she's a sweet:heart:. I think she's one of the best managers I've known at any retail store.
  13. Well, I'm sure everyone has ways of getting around this "problem" but it's not a good idea for anyone to be talking about it in detail because stores that carry tokidoki could end up losing their contracts if LeSportsac hears that people are still finding ways to get the bags sent to places they aren't supposed to go...
  14. I think she called all of the Hawaii loyal customers lmfao she called me at 5AM that day O_O haha its all good though.