WTH Buyer Problem!

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  1. Ok, so I sold a lot of my sons old jeans. The buyer says they just got them today, even though I know they got them a couple days ago, and they say that the backs look like womens jeans and they want to return them. I know for a fact that they are not womens jeans, they says mens in them even. What should I type back to the buyer, as I am not refunding them, if they wanted pics of the backs they should have asked before buying! So what would you tell them?
  2. I would tell the buyer that they are in fact men's jeans, and that it says so on the labels. Be very nice in your email, and maybe the buyer will back off. If the buyer chooses to open a dispute, it doesn't really seem like he has a case.
  3. Thank you! It also clearly states in the auction if they need more pics to ask, which they did not. So will this work as a response?

    "I am sorry that they look like womens jeans to you, but they are in fact mens jeans. I personally purchased these for my son, so I know for a fact that they are mens. I will not be able to accept a return as it clearly states to ask for more pictures if needed."
  4. Just curious if you've included pictures of the jeans' back side in your auction? Anyhow you're indeed selling men's jeans as shown in the label so you're not in the wrong.
  5. No, I only had shots of the fronts of the jeans, but honestly they did not look like womens jeans, if they did my son would not have ever worn them nor would I have purchased them. It does however say to ask for more pics if they are needed.
  6. You said that the label said mens? Was that a label inside the jeans now? If so I would make sure to point the buyer there too.
  7. Yes, I am sure that it says mens on the label, also it says the sizing 32/32 which is only for mens jeans, not womens. One pair still had all of the original tags on it which shows that they are mens jeans. But thanks, I will make sure to point that out, if they email me back.
  8. That is crazy. Buyers remormse prehaps? So long as it states mens on the label you have nothing to worry about if they open a dispute x
  9. If they still want to return maybe offer to let them use you listing photo and description to resell the jeans themselves..if your ok with that..i did that once with a skirt i had sold it was a junior size 1, listed in womens/junior clothing and for some reason:confused1: a dad thought it was a baby's skirt and wanted to return...i let him use my photo etc to resell and he was fine.
  10. ^Very good idea! If they still want to return them I will tell them that. Thanks nyhockeymom91!
  11. The buyer just left me negative feedback!!! Is there anything I can do? It is the first negative I have ever received, I haven't even had any neutrals!
  12. I have womens jeans in 32/32. Diesel ones I believe...
  13. You could contact Live Help for the best course of action. Has your buyer opened a dispute? If they have left you a neg, all the more reason to stand firm and not refund. This should be the end of it, unless they've started a dispute process, in which case you'll need to swallow the neg AND possibly refund them if you lose the case. From your description, however, I'd say you have a pretty strong case behind you, so don't back down - I don't think this transaction warranted a neg - this buyer is trouble!
  14. Yeah, I thought that was an odd comment. Maybe everyone around her is tiny, lol
  15. No dispute, just the negative, they didn't even contact me before they left the negative. Oh well, I will just leave it, at first I was really mad but now I could care less. Thanks for the advice though.