WTH?? BH on eLuxury listed at $710

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  1. Am I crazy? Or seeing things? :wtf:

    How can this be $105 less than it was a week ago? If I buy it on elux at this price (it's showing up in my cart at that price, too) will they charge me $815 and say "oops, it's supposed to be $815."

    I *KNOW* DH will be getting me (or has already) this bag for V-Day or my baby shower on the 24th... Should I buy it now and maybe end up with 2? Could I return one to a boutique if I bought off eluxury?

  2. wow... i'm not really surprised, because the price in euros also went down... someone mentioned it not too long ago.

    i don't think it's a mistake, though... i wonder if anything else decreased in price!
  3. FYI, they have lowered the prices on this at the LV store in Seattle, I believe Elux did the same thing :yahoo:
  4. yep! Just check eLux, $710 now!
  5. I saw that just a couple of minutes ago on Elux...what is going on with that?
  6. Ah.....I should have waited to buy mine LOL Is it just for the regular Batignolles?
    Anyone notice if anything else has decreased?
    Wouldn't it be nice if they did a decrease instead of an increase? LOL
  7. I certainly hope my BH did not decrease in price!!!!
  8. I think all the Batignolles did decrease in price... I didn't notice anything else being cheaper on Elux..
  9. I would so be loving it if some other things came down in price too!!!!
  10. What's up with that, isn't my BH worthy? HA! HA! I know it is, guess I will be seeing more of them in the future!!!
  11. OMG! I paid $785 back before the last 2 increases....wow....guess the resale on that one won't be good.
  12. they did the same in japan.....read in the news!
  13. Hmmm....I really liked the regular Batignolles...I may need to reconsider putting it back on the list LOL
  14. Whoah! Can I ask for a refund?!